Lady with a Bucket List

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by sittingstress, Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen,

    Please have a look at the link below:

    Ann-Marie Noble, 31, draws up bucket list after being diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer | Mail Online

    I have spoken with Anne-Marie and she told me that regarding the champagne on her bucket list she buys a bottle from the supermarket shelf as and when she can afford it.

    I have come up with a cunning plan:


    Anne-Marie would like to try as many varieties of champagne as possible. I think it would be really nice to make this wish come true.


    1. Click on this link:

    2. Fill out the columns as you see fit (avoids repetition of bottles as far as possible)

    3. Purchase champagne, half bottles are widely available

    4. Post to address noted on spreadsheet (and repeated below)

    5. Feel great knowing you have done a nice thing

    6. Pass this plan around to as many people as you want to

    On a date and time, to be arranged with Anne-Marie, I will collect the bottles and deliver them to wherever she wants.

    I have made this as simple as possible in order to cater to the lowest common denominator which is most definitely ME.

    Many of us have experience or knowledge of friends/relatives in the same position as Anne-Marie. It is bloody awful and to be able to put a smile on a face is a wonderful thing.

    Please, next time you are out shopping pop an extra item on the list that says "Champagne".

    Many thanks

    Op Champagne Bubbles
    C/O Graham
    Officers Mess
    Royal Air Force Wyton Headquarters
    PE28 2EA
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  2. She's a mate of a mate of mine (yes I admit to knowing some RAF type people) and this is actually genuine.
  3. Why don't people just send it direct to Anne-Marie with a nice thought, if they wish?
  4. Anne-Marie will be changing address and this will make the delivery more complicated. I have picked the mess closest to me and they have very kindly agreed to take delivery. I will be collecting the bottles and taking them in my car to where ever Anne-Marie wishes.

    The supermarkets or Amazon have some excellent reasonably priced bottles.

    Many thanks
  5. It says in the headline that she is a 'pilot' but no mention of it in the rest of the story?
  6. "Wants to drive a super fast car" post something to Chris Evans, the ginger git has all the contacts and will do anything for publicity.

    I do also believe that he has a good heart.
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  7. I noticed that too, I just put it down as the Daily Mail. Our e-mails have stuck to the champagne issue and I don't know the lady personally. I will ask her!