Lady Thatchers arm

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lsquared, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. I hope so much that the broken arm is not the 'hand-bag' arm.

    Upon reflection, even if it is, the other arm is quite capable of wielding the 'bag' against the pusillanimous bunch of quivering oiks currently governing us!

    PS: It could also 'sort' the European filth presently engaged in ensuring we become an insignificant 'region' of the 'Super-State'. The 'filth' being encouraged and egged-on by Lord Rumba of Rio, the Pinnochios and the hapless, powerless puppet Brown!
  2. Shame it wasn't her neck
  3. Still achieved more as an MP than you ever will
  4. To wish that upon a woman who singlehandedly saved this country and built it up for other to55ers of your ilk to break it down again....Well, I am not surprised.
  5. My bold, the Southern half of the country anyway!She closed most of the northern half. You may look back on her tenure as a fine old age but have you forgotten the poll tax riots? The miners strikes? The bins spilling over in to the streets for weeks and months?

    She wasn't that bloody good.
  6. When you die, any chance of you NoK sticking a post on here, so I can come and p!ss on your grave?
  7. To be fair so did Blair, Broon and any member of the Green Party.

    Truely great leaders unite the people across political boundaries, she polarised the country.

  8. That said, you obviously negate the fact that the Poll tax, was in fact, put into force prior to her taking control, and is in fact, a Liarbour institution, not a tory one, she merely carried on the motion of it, as her hands were tied.
    But dont let that effect the fact you hate her.
    She did do a lot of shite things to the country, but the PT was not her doing.
  9. Well Whet
    Didn't take you long to stoop to the lowest of the low did it.
    A proud Lady who like all of us had her faults but she stood up for her country and her people and in her last few years she should be given some respect regardless of your political point of view.

    Lib Dem Councellor ( yes I worked out who you are ) you're not even good enough to lick her boots.

    You are a man of no integrity, utter sc*m for that comment IMO

    Lets hope the Lib Dems never get another vote in your Yorks constituency.

    As an ex serviceman in her era thats a disgraceful comment.

  10. Single handed?

    Saved the country? If being saved is what happened to Newcastle, to Glasgow, to sheffield and the greatest part of Wales then I think that large parts of the country would rather she hadn't have bothered.
  11. Yup, Labour set it going a full 11 years before it was brought into being in England. Explain Gren, just why it 10 to 11 years to implement.
  12. I wasn't aware of that Gren. My experiences of Margaret Thatcher are of growing up in a colliery town on a struggling farm with staunch Thatcher hating family so you can understand why i'm not her biggest fan!
  13. And Broon has lost the country north and south. He even sold 60% of the gold reserves for next to fcuk all to the boxheads!

    Cop that.
  14. You could always try thinking for yourself. :roll:
  15. Dont get me wrong mate, im no fan of his either!