Lady Thatcher at 80

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. So much said on the greatest living Englishman, but my fav commentis in an artical in The Torygraph,
    "Mr Blair may, if he chooses, outstrip Lady Thatcher's term as prime minister, by staying on until 2008. He would do well not to, for if he does the question will be asked, what have you done that bears comparison to the achievements of Lady Thatcher? She transformed the economy and the standing of the country abroad; he banned foxhunting and introduced us to the Asbo."

    Even my local rag,Bangkok Post, said Lady Thatcher took UK from doom in 79 to the fourth largest economy in the world.
  2. Great Woman, made the country great, the forces strong, made sure we got decent pay rises, wasnt Labour, trounced the Argies, didnt take any shite off anyone, the Iron Lady would have given the shaved chimp an Iron *******.
  3. ...hated the working class, destroyed the social coherence of the UK, used illegal methods to punish the miners, started the destruction of the NHS that Phoney Tony is continuing, privatised (and fcuked up) the railways and water. The list goes on. The woman was a total disaster for the country. I hope she dies a very long and extremely painful death, the arrogant, vindictive fatherless. :twisted: :twisted:

    And when she does peg it, I'll take a full page in the local rag saying: "Moggie Dotcher brown bread.

  4. Allowed people to buy their council houses, broke Scargill's and co's stranglehold on the country, invested heavily in the NHS (despite the avowed intentions), destroyed the BR sandwich, told the EU where to go.....

    Are you old enough to remember the strikes, the 3 day week, the shortages of the 70s - or have you just forgotten it. Of course we would have been better off with Michael Foot and Neil Kinnock...
  5. I agree. She is evil.
  6. is that mad horrible old c unt still alive .... shame.

    she totally alienated an entire generation, i f ucking hate her and the creeping backstabbing "rich get richer, and f uck the rest of you" party she stood for ...

    she slashed the forces so don't give me that old "maggie was one of us" boll0cks.

    in the words of "the beat"

    i see no joy, i see only sorrow

    i see no chance of your bright new tomorrow

    so stand down margaret stand down please, stand down margret

    i sometimes wonder if i'll ever get the chance , just to sit with me children in a holiday jam

    our lives seem petty in your cold grey hands ,would you give a second thought would you ever give a damn ... i doubt it.

    stand down margaret.

    whilst not being enamoured of the latest mob ... i'd f ucking hate to go back to that bunch of crooked c unts.

  7. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Were we in the same army?

    Thatcher's government

    Planned and implemented the closure of the military hospitals.
    Devastated military catering so that you couldn't get fed after 17.30 hrs under any circumstances.
    Gave the helicopter contract to British Airways.
    Crippled soldiers with boots combat high leg.
    Withdrew the arctic patrol vessel HMS Endurance triggering the invasion of the Falklands.
    Introduced 2 stage pay rises that knocked 25% off the effective rise which was already a "morale boosting" 1.5% below inflation.
    Abolished rail warrants for most service personel.
    Introduced the SA80A1.

    Oh yes, Maggie was a great friend and supporter of the military. I can remember the constructive dismssal policies introduced under The Yellowlees Report, the way almost all the younger dental technicians left under the pressure of "Lean Look" as their terms of service were ignored then Glasgow tried to mobilise them from the reserve for Granby because they had no maxillo-facial capability left.
  8. The best PM ever - paid me well, gave me pay rises (although taken back by food & accn!) and smashed Scargill's attempt to bring down a lawfully elected government with socialist "terror" tactics.
    Long may she live on - I remember the Winter of Discontent, Heath and devaluation (Mr. Wilson). There was light at the end of the tunnel, Maggie took us through it.
  9. I think we have been here before?

    Things I remember before Maggie...
    No deployment out of barracks because we had no fuel for the vehicles.
    Regimental parade so that the those 20 with the most worn out Combat jackets could get exchanged.
    DMS and puttees and hairy shirts.
    No waterproofs not even crisp bags.
    Wool gloves.
    Only 1 range day a year due to lack of ammo.
    Three quarters of the squadrons vehicles in light care and pres.
    Having no money.

    Either I got used to it or it got better??
  10. Isn't our Maggie a Baroness, and if so should she be referred to as Lady Thatcher? I seem to have misplaced my copy of DeBrett's Peerage...

    Any ideas?
  11. It got better!
    Maninblack - when you think of those gawdawful boots compressed cardboard BCH were the business - I never had problems with 'em. Maggie new little about foreign policy - her advisor Airey Neave was blown up by INLA leaving a big gap in that department. John Knott wanted to get rid of all the service stuff as a way to reign in public spending. In the early 80's the Conservatives were a menace but after that, they switched on to the services requirements.
    Hospitals? the BAOR hospitals were functioning well when I left in 1990 - and I always seemed to be fed at any time wherever!
  12. Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven
  13. i think you should look closer to home for that one!! shed long gone before the military hospitals were closed thanks to DCS15.

    I've got one!
  14. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I agree that many of her policies were needed such as control of the trade unions but I cannot think of a single favour she did for the forces except turn up for a press conference.

    On a broader front who could forget that the Al-Yamamah arms deal with Saudi Arabia was manipulated to place her son, Mark (a man so dense that he has his own gravitational field) in a position of power as a "broker" between the UK government and the Saudis in return for, alledgedly, a multi million pound payment to the boy who had previously been famous for being unable to get a greasy stick up a dog's arrse even with a set if directions and a compass.
  15. You should have remembered the winter of discontent with Callaghan. Heath's association was with was the 'three day week'.

    Maggie ... Gawd Bless 'er.