Lady Sovereign

I was thinking of posting the very same topic the other day when I saw one of her videos. No you're not turning chav, like me you just probably just want to give her a Hate-Fvck!
Barrack Room Lawyer said:

All that is wrong with "Da Uht"

But in a peverse way I find her strangely attractive, am I turning chav?
I suppose she would get it.....but only in an 'accompanied by a couple of kidney punches and yank that ponytail' kind of way. :wink:

She looks like Scouse Spice's daughter if she had one. Which she won't. because she's a munter. And a subbuteo player.
The only thing that object would 'get it' with is a Spaz 12 followed by an acid bath and a short trip to a land fill site. Why does she think she is black? Does she have no mirrors in her bedsit?

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