Lady on Al Jazeera sets the record straight...


It is extremely surprising that the Arab financed TV in Dubai
would allow this to air. Be sure and watch this, it is so powerful I
have no doubt she now has a very large price on her head. I also have
no doubt it won't be on the air long.

One impressive woman. Here is a powerful and amazing
statement on Al Jereeza television. The woman is Wafa Sultan, an
Arab-American psychologist.
Dead women, neither the left will tolerate a women speaking up for her freedom as its likely to offend Muslims, nor will the vast majority of Muslims accept this. Well done on her for speaking a trully emaculate piece of common sense, but good chance it will be RIP soon
Wow! Just watched the video. Very, very brave woman and spoke a lot of common sense too.

She is on Wikipedia and it says that she recorded that piece called, "The Opposite Direction" in Feb 2006 and now lives in USA and has done since 1989. Probably why she felt brave enough to speak up.
I would have liked to see it all not just the edited bits.

And I would agree, after he called her heretic it is not likely she will get to the spring sales.
If she lasts that long, the book could be a goody.
Talking a lot of sense. Loved the put down to the Imam(?) who accused her of being a heretic, 'you can believe in stones if you like but just don't throw them at me'.
I suspect that she speaks for maybe 99% of muslims; its just a shame that the 1% get all the headlines.
I've seen that before it's quite old but nonetheless powerful. I wish we had someone like her able to do the same in this country. Bit hard for the PC brigade to chastise a muslim woman.
This is old news, but nonetheless, she is a brave individual.

Al-J is pretty open-handed in its reportage, with prominent Israelis including Shimon Peres and others having been on.

In addition, they are hated by ALQ, especially now as their dissection of Bin Laden's latest missive. The jihadist forums routinely lambast al-Jazeera, along with the other Arab media outlets, for not acting as the propaganda outlets that they'd like. They've been frustrated for years with al-Jazeera's presentation of the tapes, cutting them up and airing only the newsworthy bits, with commentary and analysis from often unsympathetic guests. That's one of the many reasons that they came to rely on the internet distribution method, so that they wouldn't be at al-Jazeera's mercy. Still, it's clear that this one is something special - they are genuinely outraged, beyond the norm.

The main charge being leveled against al-Jazeera is that its presentation of the tape was fundamentally misleading because it made it seem like he was talking about al-Qaeda's mistakes and misfortunes when the full tape makes quite clear that he wasn't - he was offering advice and praise to all mujahideen, which to these interpreters was the whole point. There's also a lot of anger out there that the people who made their instant analyses based on the al-Jazeera version haven't come forward and changed their public views.

Ah, media criticism and bashing pundits- the common glue which binds together internet activists across cultures and political divides. :D
Here's a complete transcript- MEMRI distorted the mufti's input somewhat, as, presumably unintentionally, did the NYT.

But anyway, good on her, she's a testament to Syrian secular education...
Unfortunatly as much sense as she makes she is one small lamp shining in a very dark room.
Murphy_Slaw said:
CrapSpy said:
ANy chance of a transcript?
I particularly like the bit about Jews not blowing themselves up in german restaurants.
The Stern Gang regularly bombed Arab restaurants in 1940s Palestine.

She is an ex-Muslim with no credibility amongst the Islamic world.
Taz said:
She is an ex-Muslim with no credibility amongst the Islamic world.
What do you base this on? How do you know this? How do you know that Muslims across the world aren't thinking, "Hey, Allah be praised, this lady is on to something?"?

It's exceedingly brave for her to say this stuff so publicly, and who knows? Perhaps it will have a beneficial effect on Muslims?
I don't know about her being an ex-Muslim, but I got the impression that she came from an Alawite family. Even if they really are the twelver Shi'is they claim to be, this isn't the most orthodox background to come from.
Taz_786 said:
She is an ex-Muslim with no credibility amongst the Islamic world.
So you clearly toe the line that as she gave up on her religion she has no standing or credibilty at all? So what if she is an-ex Muslim: Does that mean she has to zip it?

The way she was spoken to by those two men on Al Jazeera is a good indicator why she wouldnt want that kind of company. Maybe the repression and beatings often meted out to women, the fact that spousal abuse is written into the Koran would be causal factors why she would want to toe the secular line.

Who has credibilty in the islamic world? The chap she was debating with? He not only claimed that the west is damaging its bloodline through allowing homosexuality, but that Christian conspirators are the cause of conflict in Sudan. Also his grasp of history is distorted; white americans did not enslave africa; the arabs had already developed that trade many centuries we started proding about there. Native Americans are no more civilised than White Americans than the latter is more so than the former. Islam in Spain saved Andaluscia from destruction? Yeah, we really need the kind of religion which set about resturcturing the Madrid train station right now.

Good women, speaks her mind, not afraid of ignorant men and their fairytales. Why is Santa a more credible creation than the prophet? Becuase at least we have proof, once a year, that Santa exists.
It's you, isn't it Bagwell !!???

You're SANTA!!!

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