Lady of Heaven film protests


That phrase has been updated to "if you don't like our laws, then vote Labour".

I think Starmer should step in at this point, just to reassure the genpop that whilst the Labour Party is a broad church (lmao), they do actually want to lead this country, not punish it.

He'll never do that.
Identity politics with the associated critical thinking about any "minority" groups behaviour, no matter how vile is a phobia of some type is fundamental to Labour now. Not forgetting that people who express views contrary to the identitarian types are viewed as heretical and should be silenced - permanently.
When ideology is permitted to dictate broad political policy, not just nuances round the edges then it's all downhill from there. Labour is long down that road, as are the SNP.

To plagiarise Orwell and mutate it somewhat - Everyone is equal, but some groups demand that they have to be far more equal than everyone else. This especially applies to race, sexual orientation, made up "genders" (an abuse of the word) and a certain religious group.
Special treatment in the name of equality is not equality, nor is it in any way productive.
The protests be they vocal or silent outside the cinemas carried a significant measure of barely and poorly masked threat. Essentially we're hostage to the whims of these people.
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Fun fact - almost every single tweet in response to this has been on his side.

Every. Single. Tweet.

This is because the good people of Peckham believe in lawlessness. An illegal immigrant was being lawfully removed, yet the mob stopped the van on this councillor's say so.

Law and order is dead.
Del Boy would have sorted that lot out.
Multi-ethnicity is happening all over and I'm okay with that.

What I'm not okay with is when any ethnicity or any cnut really, preaching to me how I should conduct my life, particularly if what I do, eat or drink, say or think, contravenes the rules they live by.

That in itself is not having any consideration of my right to live my life how I want to. I don't lie, steal or hurt anyone else and I don't need a religion or belief system to remind me.

It's fine by me if they want to live by rules spoken hundreds of years ago and rewritten to suit leaders along the way. Whether it's Christianism, Islamism, Judaism, Satanaism, I don't give a monkeys, they're all the same to me; belief systems created by humans. Because it's an inate fact that humans have a need to believe in something. Fine. Do what thou wilt.

At the end of the day, none of them are qualified to judge me or stop me as a free man from doing whatever I want, within the law of the land.