Lady MPs too busy to clean up after themselves

I was going to title this "Lady MPs too busy to clean up their jam rags" but there is a (pubic) hair's breadth between Current Affairs and the Naafi in this case.

One of the November 5th bloggers (Anna Raccoon) snapped this little gem in Parliament...the annual Old Holborn Guy Fawkes constitutional exercise of privileges.

So the sisterhood are too precious to clean up after themselves. I bet they expect the "little people" to clean up the monthly detritus...and they would have their @rses wiped at public expense as well if they could get away with it!

Brings a whole new image to mind when considering the quote "I'm Harriet, you know where to find me." And no wonder Jacqui Smith's husband needed to fall back on porn.

I sense this will end up in the Naafi in due course.....

(edited to add: on reflection, this is probably one for the Int this stage anyway!)
I'm quite surprised they haven't taken to employing an illegal-immigrant cleaner, funded by the taxpayer of course, for clearing up said menstrual unpleasantness...


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