Lady in Red.....

another case of scientists belabouring the obvious, isn't it?
why the hell do all the sports car makers paint their hot numbers red?

Sells more.. makes the guy think he's going faster, etc..
Insurance companies know this and charge premiums accordingly.. also, cops watch red cars more for speeders and such....

Red: sexy, fast, loose.. put a women in red and same imagery applies..

" Red Light District" anyone?? red colour is a triggering mechanism.. elementary my dear Watson...
sports phsycologists have found that teams wearing red are more intimadating, is that why the Britsh Army had a bit of a thing for the colour


theloggie said:
Never heard the saying:

"Red shoes - no knickers" ?

mmmmmm.............Kelly LeBrock
I've heard 'Red shoes', but that was always used when referring to a running rape victim.

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