Lady gardens ! read on

Bad things happened to the only lady with a full underbeard that I've encountered in the last 20 years. It was of 1970s proportions.

Actually, nothing bad happened at all, we just did very rude things to each other on a couple of occasions.

It was rather quaint but confirmed that bald is better.

No other complaints mind! :)
"Previous research shows bikini waxing increases risk of contracting an STD"

No it doesn't; it shows that promiscuous slappers are more likely to use bikini waxing.

Actually it shows that statistics based on bullshit aren't worth the turd they're built on.
Brilliant, thank god for those few medical scientists who are not busy pouring acids on rabbits and have decided to look at snatches, where would we be without them telling us that waxed snatches are more likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease eh.....but then perhaps that's just because they are a lot more likely to get shagged?
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This lady knows how to trim her bush, using scissors for the detailed touch - a hedge trimmer would be crass.

Not very well written that piece, I mean how can you write a serious article about snatch thatch without ever mentioning merkins?

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