Lady Gaga Meets The Boss Lady.

Gaga's as nutty as a friggin Snickers bar & I wonder what Ma'am's thinking...

"One thinks you look like a panda miss Gaga..."

Mind you,I'd still do Gaga...
The Queens met all manner of gaga loonies in the past. I think she can talk to them what ever they look like and do on stage, and probably judges them on her meeting with them more than the tittle tattle.

The big question is what are those lads wearing? Guards walts?
"Oh, go on, you can tell One. Is it a cock or not?"
All I can say is Fecking hell look at the nose on her!!! Well that said she looks like Michael Jackson incarnate in this picture. Well more so the 2nd
harareboy99 said:
Looked at the kaffa ayeing up her maj!
He's looking at Lady Gaga dress to see if there are any unexplained "bulges"
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