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Lady Gaga and the Middle East

On Mondoweiss Lady Gaga and the Middle East by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad
Bret Stephens says that Arabs hate Lady Gaga more than settlements.

But Lady Gaga is herself the creation of an Arab, one Nadir Khayat (aka RedOne).

Still, one must refrain from passing hasty judgment: Bret Stephens may be right. Take the recent attacks on the Moscow subway, for example. Max Blumenthal thinks the attackers hate Russia because it’s free. I think it’s because Russia has t.A.T.u.

For some odd reason, Robert Pape appears unable to understand this.
Well this may explain why Arabs are banging away at Israeli porn sites like demented woodpeckers, frustrated by some partially clad tart warbling at them over MTV. No wonder the poor dumb beasts come over all Jihadi. All this blubbering about stolen Olive trees and relatives getting dismembered by Hellfires is just a front.
All rather dim, though if he was trying to demonstrate how little many of the Arab elites care about the Palestinians, he might have at least half a point
On FP Lady Gaga and Lebanese militias By Thomas E. Ricks
When it comes to the Middle East, the Ex Man sagely advises: "Leave Lady Gaga the hell out of it."

He also makes the excellent point that among the things that resist mere dabbling by newspaper editorialists are:

1. Brain surgery

2. Multilinear algebra

3. The strands and evolution of Islamist thought"
Ex Man Points out the angry beards have plenty of home grown totty like Haifa Wehbe whose booty waggling freedom they can hate:
Haifa Wehbe, meanwhile? Well, judge for yourselves, but whereas Lady Gaga is a Tisch School-trained provocateuse, Hizballah-supporting Haifa strikes me as a less sophisticated one-trick pony pretty much mixing sex with music with, well, more sex. Regardless, with music videos like this one, Stephens can hardly argue that Lady Gaga is the one importing sexual provocation into the Arabic-speaking world and stirring things up, can he?

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