Lads weekend in Poland....advice sought

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smudge67er, Sep 13, 2011.

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  1. I've been to Warsaw for a rugby tour. Got very drunk, and had a good time.

    There's a bunch of us going to Krakow early November for a binge weekend. Any advice welcome. I don't know Krakow at all.

    And no......we're not interested in donning stripey PJs and taking a day out to Auschwitz.
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Fantastic place - huge Uni there, so lots of students, LOTS of bars, culture, Castles, the main square is huge, and surrounded by bars. There is a lovely Jewish Quarter, all beautifully preserved (but minus Jews, so a bit odd...).

    Get a cheap guidebook - but well worth a visit, for whatever reason.
  3. Cheers. We will land early doors on the Friday morning so will have all day to bimble about before getting seriously on it. Trip Advisor has thrown up some "culture" based things, though how long we will be in the "culture" loving mindset once we've walked past an inviting bar is hard to say.
  4. Right, when you go there, in between the piss-ups and the strippers do something which Brits on the lash abroad don't normally do, which is have a good look at the beautiful city you're in

    Go see the castle, the main market, the Mariacki church - and have a look at the triptych by Veit Stoss at the altar. Go to Kazimierz, which is the old Jewish quarter. It's all within walking distance if you're all reasonably fit.

    Oh and say 'czescz' ('chesh-ch' - 'hi') to local lasses and dzenkuje ('Jen-koo-yeh') to the waitresses and bar staff that serve you.

    I know this is the NAAFI bar but I've got fcuked off seeing stag parties etc in places like Prague and Tallinn, where they don't show the slightest interest in their surroundings and don't even try and get on with the locals. If all you want is strippers, whores and booze, then you might as well just go to Blackpool.
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  5. I've been there 6 times in the last 18 month, it's my new Prague. It is a lovely place and if you don't know the place, bars are hard to find. There is something like 75% of bars in cellars so you walk right past decent places.

    In the Square go to a bar called Showtime and at 10pm each night there is a live band on and a very nice place it is too with nice waitresses. Look for the Lizard King bar too, a massive place.

    In the touristy spots you will pay 7 to 9 zloty for a decent pint of beer and cheaper out of the centre and it's about 4.6 zloty to the £.

    Don't go in the Embassy bar if you like seeing pictures of IRA figures on the wall and it's like the black hole of Calcutta. If you're looking for knocking shops the taxi driver will advise.

    The women are stunning. Go into the Krakow Galleria at go to the bottom floor and at the end have a toastie like a doorstep then round the corner for a pint and watch all those beautiful women shopping.

    Don't wreck it i'm going back next month.

    Married lads, you could do worse than take your missus there for a weekend, you'll be on BJ's and sex on tap for a month, she'll love it.
  6. Don't worry. I'll take in the place. I may even take my camera! As for being polite to the locals....I'm always on best behaviour! That's how you get asked onto other bars/clubs that you wouldn't thought about going to.
  7. errrr vodka

    Check out this site.

    Cracow Online - Krakow booze - the ultimate vodka how-to drinking guide

    an interesting quote from the above

    To avoid when drinking:
    • Don't drink vodka in cocktail form, or diluted with coca-cola, orange or tomato juice. In Poland this is considered crime.
    • Don't drink and drive!
    • Whatever you do, don't try to outdrink a Pole! (This, however, does not refer to Russians, respect!)

    I think that's a challenge. The honour of BFG is at stake no less!!

    oh and did I mention the vodka.
  8. I've been to Prague numerous times. Once just after the wall came down, and a few times over the years since. Thankfully Prague is returning to it's old self again now.

    Been to Riga too, twice, lovely city.

    Thanks for the advice, will certainly give those places a look in.
  9. Don't stab to death the son of a local dignitary while protecting gypsies :)
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  10. Krakow Shortlist

    Time out books are generally good and worth the money, save fucking about and geting a shit restaurant etc.
  11. Krakow is the only major Polish city to escape being flattened in the war. It is beautiful. Enjoy.
  12. That's lost on me I'm afraid.
  13. Cheers. Will buy that.
  14. Theres a thread somewhere on here where some japseye was trying to get sympathy for a knob who stabbed to death a guy out in Romania and got locked up for it.