Lads Mags Lead to Illegitimate Children

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Thunderer, Aug 4, 2008.

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    So FHM, Maxim, Nuts etc result in breakup of marriages eh? I don't think so.
  2. No, Girls from Glasgow Lead to Illegitimate Children.
  3. And I thought it was blokes not being able to keep it in their pants.
  4. I thought fatherless children were created with test tubes.
  5. If he is worrie dabout "lads mags" then I suggest he doesn't take a look at any women's ones, he'd have a heart attack.....some of them are basically obscene!

    The HRE was a christian foundation, and it was Napoleon who finally got rid of it - not a chariot in sight :roll:

    *anorak off*
  6. I liked this quote

    Yes - Heat & Now and all those other 'celeb' mags aimed at women are thoroughly mature & responsible.

    I don't mind people suggesting that young men need to take responsibilty for their actions. Given, however, that all the recent teenage pregnancies I have heard about from friends (generally the new and not so chuffed grandparents) seem to involve a fairly calculated decision by the mother rather than the fecklessness of the father, I sense this article is based less in fact and more on a spin-doctor's advice to appeal to a) the female vote and b) the core elderly vote, for both of whom young men are a handy hate figure.

    Michael Gove works for News International, the publishers of the Sun. I wonder whether he views the editorial content of that paper (eg daily tits) in the same way as he views Loaded etc? Or perhaps this article is simply a bit of work on the side for Murdoch in dissing the competition?
  7. The thing about the HRE was that it was "either holy, nor roman, nor an empire"*:p

  8. The high level of teenage pregnancy is due more to the gov'munt than any magazine. Underage chav tartlet gets up the duff, instant flat, and pocket money from the social every week, and endless do-gooders to look after the sprog if she wants to go out.
  9. And some of the ones aimed at 20somethings (read by teenagers) are bordering on the obscene....containing all sorts of mind boggling sex-tips and how to snare (and properly shag) a man.
  10. Now now, this could descend into Catholic-bashing. Jihadi Jesuits roaming the apse may result.
  11. Anybody noticed how similar Gove looks to Harry Enfield's "ToryBoy"? :roll:
  12. Excellent likeness. :D

    Agree with Tonto - the dominance of the 'nanny state' is the major problem. Blaming Lads Mags quite helpfully shifts the debate away from the Governments chronic failings within the welfare system - and their approach to society as a whole.

    Women are not blameless - I know two former service women who slept with blokes to get pregnant. They were successful in their ambition - but the blokes involved only thought 'Happy Days - emptied the sack'. They didn't know they were part of some fertility quest. It is the ultimate deceit - all to meet some 'biological need'- it really p*sses me off. :x