Lads mags / Girls mags.... and domestic violence?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Wyvern, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Just posting here cos I reckon there'll be as good a cross section of people as anywhere on the site. (mods, move it if you see fit)

    I'm on a public health rotation at the moment, and we're doing a presentation on domestic violence. My bit is to see how it's represented in the media. (domestic violence meaning physical/emotional/sexual or economic aspects of abuse)
    I was hoping some of you could be able to give me some feedback as to anything you've noticed in the magazines you read - from campaigns, ads for help for perpetrators / victims - or even jokes about wives/husbands giving their partners a crack; if you could scan anything or bring my attention to anything in any current issues, that'd be really helpful too. [I've a good idea about lasses magazines, but not really seen the lads ones for a while...]
    If you want to pm me, feel free - or if you've something to email me, let me know and I'll pm you my email.

    Thanks a million,
  2. Are you just restricting it to magazines? What about the nspcc TV adverts for child abuse? Or the posters pinned to the back of nearly every public toilet door? Websites would help you too, if not to give primary info then maybe to send you in the right direction.
  3. Journooooooooooooooooo!
  4. Bambi - get your journo-dar sorted; you only need to look at a few of my posts to realise thats not the case, you dingbat. I'm a medical student at the University of Newcastle.

    Tigerbaby - I'm trawling through a ton of magazine sites doing searches. I will look at some of the campaigns too.. however, the reason for focussing on magazines is that they will reflect norms; I was expecting woman's magazines to have more focus on the subject, where as blokes magazines might have either nothing, or treat it lightheartedly - maybe in jokes; then again they may not; I've not lived in a house with other lads and their magazines for a while, so that may have changed, as attitudes to domestic violence have changed even over that short time.
    The focus of our work is on domestic violence in hetrosexual adult couples; unfortunately the spectrum of abuse is too much to cover in one presentation :-S
    I could do a quick flick through all the mags, but asking people who read them regularly or have a few back issues they could glance over will build a better picture.
    If we can show it's neglected in the fellas side of things, then that can be a target for future campaigns - both for men who abuse, and fellas who have suffered domestic violence.

    Hope that clears a few things up!
  5. I was in an abusive relationship for 5 years! The phisical attacks ranged from slaps to full on ass kicking......

    .....only stopped when the last cheque bounced!

    Is that my coa...oh balls ere they come again....aaarrrrgggghhh)
  6. Hi Wyvern, I'm in an abusive relationship, your mam keeps trying to shove her dildo up my ass when im asleep, cos she's used to people doing that to her. Usually i wake up, tell her to f.uckoff and she puts her teeth back in and goes back to you.
  7. titsinatophat, your maturity and eloquence amaze me.

    Now I know this is ARRSE, but any sensible comments?

    Even if you've not noticed anything in the magazines, I'd be interested to know; along the lines of age/gender/magazine usually read/noticed anything on domestic violence.

    I appreciate it's a touchy subject, but I would appreciate some feedback; as I said before, this forum should reach a better cross-section of the population than others, therefore would be more useful.

    Sending me a PM is fine if you don't want to post.
  8. Wyvern

    Away from the jolity you need to be posting on some police sites as we spend all day dealing with this.

    DV is seen in to differnt ways in the press. I have seen a number of artices or adverts of the "so I slapped my boyfriend" type put over in a jocular light hearted manner (last one I can remember was an advert for jeans) however if the boot is on the other foot its "Hang the bastard" time.

    There is definatly a domestic violence industry and lots of people are employed in treating DV offenders and victims. I sometimes wonder if this clouds their objectivity in reporting the true extent of DV in this country

    PM if you want to discuss this further,

  9. :? Why? It is beyond me to even comprehend how someone could stay with an abusive partner. Obviously people do. :(

  10. Try UKpoliceonline discussion forum. It moces a lil bit slower than Arrse, but you get some decent responses from them. Theyre all coppers, so ita quite serious as well ;)

  11. WAH??? 8O

    read the post again.......
  12. I would concur with this view.

    Whatever the official line, as far as many are concerned in the media - and the industry (and the CJ system?) - DV = wife beating = DV. Anything involving women on man is a bit of a joke really. Whilst the worst (and headline grabbing) cases will almost certainly be man on woman, the lower level abuse can be either way (I remember watching a TV police programme with CCTV of a violent drunk girl biting off a chunk of her boyfriend's ear who offered no violence in return whatsoever. No action was taken ISTR).

    This is partly because gettting DV taken seriously has been largely down to the actions of feminist-orientated groups, partly due to cultural reasons and partly due to gender facts, I guess.

    Dunno about lads mags though - my wife lands one on me if I bring them home.

    Edited to add - if you are covering media attitudes in your presentation, it would be incomplete without mentioning the fact that Rebekah Wade, the editor of the Sun and the instigator of a campaign in that paper against wife beaters, was herself arrested (but not charged) for assaulting her husband in Nov 05.
  13. -bump-

  14. it is interesting to note that 98% of the DV 'industry' is devoted to male on female abuse. while this is normally the case in physical abuse, psychological abuse of both artners and children is much more evenly balanced, i would guess that it may well be mostly committ ed by females. its not that long ago that it was said that if a husband killed his wife by punching her, or not using any weapon apart from hands and feet, he would get away with manslaughter, not murder, because intent could not be proved. it is certainly not a particularly amusing subject if you have ever witnessed the aftermath
  15. Domestic violence is the 2nd biggest killer of women on the planet. heart disease being the first, Domestic violence is second, and breast cancer is 3rd.