Lads Magazines?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by TankersAngel, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. This question may sound stupid but a soldier requested Lad's Magazines. The thing is... what are Lad's Magazines? Are we talking about porn Magazines or "Mens Health" Magazines or both? :? 8O

    wah? Try asking the laydeez back on RP I am sure they will give you the answers you want - hooped. mk
  2. the one thats got big swinging tits in,unless he,s a sailor where lads mags means something more sinister! :wink: by the way are you always as thick as mince? :?
  3. Do you mean porn as in 'Playboy' etc, or porn as in 'FHM' or 'Loaded'? as it is, I think either would do.

    Also, 'Nuts' and 'Zoo' would also go down fairly well.
  4. Think Nuts, Zoo, FHM etc not really that difficult to work out really
  5. Dont be nasty jibman, or you'll scare him/her off from doing a wonderful job for the boys.
  6. playboy.......... porn!!you want to get out more mate!anal squirters,golden showers weekly and hose and thats proper porn! :p
  7. I was trying t think of some more filthy names, but my memory deserted me at the last moment. Playboy was the only thing I could come up with :(
  8. What does "mince" mean? Sounds like british slang to me.

    I am a "her" and thanks :)

    @FHM/Playboy/Nuts/Zoo: is it illegal to send them to a British Soldier? I know it would be illegal to send them to the US Army. They are only allowed to receive magazines if there are bikini pictures in it. If they are completely naked it would be illegal.
  9. why would it be illegal?
  10. i thought it was another mindless apologies for being a bit aggresive.
  11. Refer to this. Not all soldiers are like this though!
    no problem darlin

    Not at all. The yanks have weird ideas about morality. Most in the British Amry sold their morals on eBay.
  12. Illegal? Not that I am aware of, not encouraged - definitely but they still get sent. Some get picked up and removed or the parcel gets sent back and you have to remove before sending back again.

    It can be done and is by some. Or you could just cover the offending items and then send it.
  13. If there is any girl completely naked it would be porn, and porn is banned as well as canned food with pork meat for example. That is because Iraq is a muslime country. Same goes for German Troops in Afghanistan. No porn, no pork. Even pork dog-food is banned from the list because of that.

    If there are bikini pictures it would be legal. I know it's weird but thats the way it is. So how are the rules with the British Army?
  14. Anal Fist Fu@k Frenzy.
    Thats what they want.
  15. Publications showing nudity is illegal out in paces like Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Don't worry about it though, send them anyway. As long as he's not hanging out the top of his snatch reading Fiesta I'm sure no one will know. Let's face it, in his eyes it will certainly be worth a try!