Lads Mag Takeover

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by eSeL, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. I don't see the women who are taking the pay cheques for stripping off complaining.
  2. my god when will they all just be quiet and let us read some good smut
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Heard it on the J,Vine show yesterday.Some feminist split went up against Peirs Morgan(?) & lost.She,apparently,was threatened with removal from Commons if she quoted from the mags or something.
    A womens place is in the kitchen table,page 32 to 34,centre spread!
  4. Equal Rights for fat ugly wimmin!!

    Of course the same MP probably thinks the promotion of a Gay lifestyle in schools is acceptable, or that lowering the age of Gay consent so that Labour MP's can sodomise 16 year olds is acceptable.

    Display an attractive ffemale however and Lordy!!!
  5. Quote
    "I wonder how most men would feel if the roles were reversed and they were faced with pictures of hunky, toned men displaying their large penises every time they walked into the newsagent? The problem with these magazines is that they encourage men to see women as sexual objects and this manifests itself in society in all sorts of ugly attitudes to women - not only in statistics on rape and other sexual offences but also in a pervasive misogyny that the BBC itself perpetuates in its crass populism, its slanted coverage and its light-hearted attitude to this very serious issue.

    I'm thoroughly fed up with the editors of FHM, Zoo and Nuts - as well as, tacitly, the BBC - claiming that we live in a liberal society and so these images should be allowed. They grossly misunderstand liberalism - it's not about the selfish disregard for and exploitation of others but an open-mindedness coupled with sensitivity and above all responsibility. The mainly aggressive and affronted responses on this issue indicate a lack of sensitivity, a lack of responsibility but most of all plain stupidity.
    Daniel, Cambridge"
    Fcuking stupid nonce. I think we have the next Tony Blair here.
  6. To quote a popular BBC comedy series, The printing press was designed by a man so he could mass produce pictures of ladies arrse's and pass them around :p
  7. WTF? I cant believe a bloke wrote this... he is obviously hanging around with a feminist and wants to break into her panties.

    What a fcuking fairy. :x
  8. Didn't women once have there own high gloss version of zoo a few years back? full of well hung and muscle bound men? I remeber the wife buying one, comments when it was launched by the feminists then was 'at last we have equality'.

    It is sad now days when women like this will band together with other women of the same opinion and get the law changed in such a way that you could be added to the sex offenders list for buying a girly mag :p

    Boxhead wife thinks we are all on something when she reads all the hoohaa here on what she considers is a very discreet way we display porn and sexually orientated magazines.

  9. I misread that too, thought it said Danielle.

    A sensitive, liberal society is one asking to be pummelled into submission by a bigger, harder society.