lads from "normal"regts going"there"?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by BROCKS, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. this might sound a bit waltish,but i assure you its not!just curiosity...has there been many lads from "normal" regts go for selection,and be succesful?by normal i mean not cdo,para or special ops,cos there the ones most people would automatically think of,we had a lad in 26,he went but was unsuccessfull,me and him met up in 34 bty just before i got out,for those of you guessing he changed his surname(cant think why haha)dont know if he tried again??
  2. It used to be so many moons ago and suspect it still is the case. One of the guys to climb everest years ago was regular RA and SAS.
  3. I know loads of guys from 29 who have attempted and failed selection, i don't know that it makes much of a difference what your background is. It does help I suppose coming from regiments who actively support you in time off for preperation and the like which i know both 29 and 7th do.
  4. Out of interest, is it possible now to put yourself forward for selection, or is it still a "by invitation" only process ?, thanks.
  5. It has always been a volunteer process. Some units try to dissuade good candidates but that is a personality driven thing and quite wrong IMHO (and according to QRs too!). Several non-airborne or cdo gunners have made it through and as MM says, several from 7 or 29 have failed. One of the more distinguished cdo gunner BCs did two tours in the SAS I believe BEFORE going cdo gnr.

  6. Ooooo I love a quiz I can think of a couple of CO's who did it but not BC's!
  7. Rgr, thanks Cuddles, i only ask because early 80's i was informed by my BC that i had been chosen to join the party (lets just say that i turned down the offer) and as far as i know that was the only way to get a shot at it, i had never heard of anyone asking to go but then again maybe i wouldnt have, but i dont remember anyone dissapearing without trace from our lot ... :plotting:
  8. Take it you don't quite grasp the concept of all volunteer units then?
  9. LOl, that was my point it appeared to be a "volunteer" unit as long as you didnt volunteer for it, maybe that was part of the Secret Squirrel persona... :batman:
  10. Or maybe your a bit thick lol
  11. That would explain a lot.... :shakefist:
  12. I meant that in the nicest possible way DD
  13. Lol, don't worry mate if I can't take a joke i shouldn't have joined.... :jocolor:
  14. Pretty sure he was a BC, in 26 not 29...then became a doctrine Nazi!
  15. Burn the witch!