Lad's Army

Ive seen some of it.  My god some of them were crying!!  Its a good job its not real.  Can you imagine?The best thing I saw was when the Full Screw pushed that lads locker over, the look on the lads face was a picture.  Reminds me of the Best Boot inspection we had in training at Deepcut.  Cpl wasnt happy so he tossed em out the 3rd floor window!!  Not mine I may add
It's getting funnier - last night there were more tears and tons of attitude.

They complained about the low volume of food and so the Corporals threw the whole lunch (Shepherds Pie) into one trough and covered it in bananas and made them get on their knees on the table and eat the lot.

There were also some dreadful interviews with the officer - no one knew how to march in, stand to attention, turn etc or how to address him properly.  He said he was going to speak to the Corporals about them.  But in the next episode, they get rifles!!! And one of them does a runner (jumping the barbed wire fence instead of just walking out of the front gate).

But I guess it could be like a busman's holiday for you guys.


That mad so and so of a drill sergeant was my basic training Staffie-so nice to hear the sadistic bugger shouting again-especially as it was at someone else!!!!! ;D ;D


ee those wut deyaz wen treanin were demandin an the med menowuz
nut lahk now with aalt puffy waze an carry on. cuh, if tha telt kidz tadeh thad neva beleeve yuz. tha wuz 25 owuz kippin unda wun sheet o battalion standin oorduz an we wuked 28 owaz a deah, but we wuz appeh aah thoze wut deyaz! :p
I remember after a 0630hrs room inspection at RMAS, a girl running screaming out of her room in complete hysterics............the two staffies had emptied the contents of her wardrobe onto her floor, along with the contents of her soap powder, talcum powder, coffee jar, sugar jar, her kettle full of water..................then they'd pulled her mattress of her bed, thrown it out the window, with her bedding (it had been raining the night before...........), and presumably trampled the mess on the floor, judging from the shoe prints................

They stood quietly until she calmed down, and then said "Re-inspection in 20 minutes Miss H.........", turned on their heels, and left. I think all 30-odd of us were in that room trying to get it clean for the re-inspection..........


Beddin! Beddin! we neverrad beddin!
We neverrrreven ad booots we ad ta paaint us feet black!
For the screenplay, see Carry On Sergeant....on the other hand....who gives a sh*te?
The new series may be entertaining with the so called 'bad lads'. I doubt if they're badder than the DS!!!!!
They should be allowed to fill the fcukers in. Don't come up to scratch? Chinned and covered in lighter fluid. That'll learn em. Would make top telly too.
The Lord Flasheart said:
They should be allowed to fill the fcukers in. Don't come up to scratch? Chinned and covered in lighter fluid. That'll learn em. Would make top telly too.
Here, here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can a short, sharp dose of 1950s Army training sort out today’s young louts?

This summer thirty bad lads will be put through a regime long reputed to turn boys into men – National Service. Thieves, thugs and fraudsters, these lads have gone off the rails and are now looking for a chance to get back on track.

The experiences of the lads as they undergo four weeks of gruelling 1950s-style basic training.

Corporals Murray and Nauyokas - the abuse screaming stars of Lads Army – are back to lick the new recruits into shape. Those who fail to make the grade will be subjected to a range of humiliating punishments actually used at the time: cleaning the communal lavatories with a toothbrush, cutting the lawn with nail scissors, and white-washing every rock on the base with a single-haired brush. Or worse still, they’ll be thrown into the Glass House, a military institution that filled even the hardest 1950s bad lads with horror.

Divided from the outset into two competing squads, the 30 volunteers will battle, not only to win the Section competition but also for the ultimate reward of some good old fashioned values – self-discipline, self-reliance, and self-knowledge.

Programme One - 8th July

The Lads arrive on base and meet their abuse screaming military instructors. One lad - naked skate-boarder Scott Simpson - discovers the pitfalls of skater-chic on an army base and crumbles under the pressure. But cockney twin Luke Brown is sure he can beat the system. After several fights and a stint in the slammer, he and the other lads learn about military discipline the hard way...

For God sake man do you never sleep??????? XXXXX
That little bald puff was on that Miriam the tranny programme, bet he licked its tackle.

Lets hope that big Jock PAra lets go a few BRH's (Big right hands) on the little criminals

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