Ladies - urgent help needed...........boobs!

Tomorrow I'm going to a wedding.

I have a lovely dress that I bought in Belgium and have yet to wear.
Just tried it on and it's lovely..................


I am blessed in the boob department and it has shoestring straps so I need to 'contain' them.

A strapless bra is out of the question - how many times have I nipped off to the ladies to remove the damned thing and ended up with it in my handbag - the strapless bra is just so uncomfortable.

Have any of you tried toupee tape? How does it work? Isn't it double sided? Surely it comes off when one perspires?

My daughter is suggesting duck tape :lol: :lol: :lol: Sheeesh!

Any suggestions? Or shall I just let 'em hang out/down? :D :roll:


If you feel comfortable without support then do that...certainly the men present will approve.
Or..pop to a department store lingerie can buy support cups that adhere to the skin under the boob to provide support.
It will give you a little bit of a boost and support yet look like you are wearing no bra (let the nipples protrude over the tops if you wish-steady fellas)
Do what you you'll look lovely....have a great time :wink:
i would gladly walk behind you giving you seemingly unseen support
yes :D
Hi Lifesaver,

I'm having exactly the same problem at the moment, (wedding, pretty dress, large bosoms)

Have you tried one of those bra's with clear plastic straps? I know all of the women in the room will notice those thin clear straps, but all the men won't coz they'll be staring at you're enormous knockers in that stunning dress. That's my cunning plan anyway.

oooh, DB you are awful!

As if I would be staring at your cleavage....I'd be gazing into your eyes whilst trying to pinch yr bum! :wink:
Never had a problem with big bosums's trying to keep my hands off them that I have a problem with! :lol:


Cant keep your hands off tits?
That will be why you cant stop rubbing your head then mate! :wink:

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