Ladies.....Just 3 Questions

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by plw1970, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. In my quest for a compatable female companion I have three questions:

    Q1 In your opinion which cartoon character would you compare your personality to?

    Q2 How would you save a scarecrow from certain death in a tornado?

    Q3 Why do you want to meet me (in no less than 10 words)

    Thanks for your interest, yes I am bonkers but your answers will be helpful. Only genuine nutters need apply!!

  2. Was that a bowl or a bowel? :twisted:

  3. whichever you please. :lol:
  4. Nice Boots!! :twisted:

  5. So, bossyboots, just out of curiosity (cos you must be curious) can you answer any of the above?

    Go on I dare you..... :wink:
  6. Cartoon character? Toms owner off Tom an Jerry

    Save a scarecrow from certain death in a tornado? I wouldn't

    Why would i want to meet you? To see if you really are certifiable

  7. So from your answers i deduce that after a hard day at work you like to take of your V spikey boots and put on them huge comfy slipper that toms owner wears. You dont like going out in the wind and as i suggested you are definatly curious!

    Close or not?
  8. Dont mind going out into the wind, but i aint rescuing no scarecrows. Curious? Well since when were females not curious??? :lol:
  9. Cartoon Character - Taz

    How would you save a scarecrow from certain death in a tornado? I'd be hiding, so wouldn't know it would be in danger

    Why do you want to meet me? To see if there is someone madder than me about
  10. Well tatooelady, I deduce you are a toothless tiger, all bark-no bite (I know tiger don't bite!), wind scares you but hiding makes you feel safe. No matter how hard you try you will never be madder than me, I am a natrual :?
  11. Intriguing :twisted:
  12. Do you suffer from a scarecrow phobia bossyboots? Have you not seen the wizard of oz?

    However can we explore the curiosity thing a bit further? 8O
  13. So tattooedlady you are also curious, give an example of your madness without using the word elbow!