Ladies - had any unusual experiences with fanny farts?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, May 14, 2008.

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  1. Ladies - Have you had any unusual experiences with fanny farts?

    All in the name of research of course.... :pc:
  2. Some unusual noises coming from my man fanny tonight.
  3. Thanks bovvy

    I did search... but seems all my research is answered there - thanks for the link. :D
  4. Oh dear, BanjoBill. :omg: My intention was to "add to" your thread ........ not kill it dead. :omfg:
  5. banjo are you dutch I have an amazing regard for the dutch coast guard
    once pulled a guy out the oggin just off the hook when BULLWARK was
    steaming home to be scrapped. load of bootnecks got into a battle in
    the casino de paris what a night.
  6. I doubt the members of arrse will ever lose their enthusiasm for these important subjects I am researching. :D
  7. Nee... IK geen van De Nederlands.

    IK ben Engels.


    Booties fighting.... they weren't getting naked and just playing by chance? Traditions die hard and so they should. :D
  8. Talking of farting, I chap I know was telling me how he once screwed an Australian bird, he said he was doing her from behind and all of a sudden she shouted hang on, so he stopped, (Stayed behind her, hands on her hips) she then let out a massive fart and said "Sorry about that mate, I just had to let one rip" hahahhaaa
  9. A fanny isn't fcuked enough until its farting!
  10. Okey dokey .... pig-in-a-pokey. This dying thread has got a post from MDN .... "By appointment to minister_doh_nut".

    An illustration will bring it into double figures (though Google Images doesn't seem to have much to offer):


    EDIT ...... Though the Photobucket album owner seems to have her whole family album on there. 8O Thought this one in her album was quite funny: