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Ladies & Gentlemen...

And my Christmas message to you Betty ('cause I know you log on to ARRSE) is get a fecking grip lady, as you'll be out of a job before long. You really need to start lobbing a few fcuks about and getting medieval with your swordy-thing come gongs time. Just an observation mind. Otherwise...

Hugs, BF xx

I mean, sorry, Your Madge!

Middle-age is making me an emotional wreck... every time I see/hear Liz it tends to get a bit hazy... must be the sandalwood incense burner.

Your sentiments Ma'am are, as ever, perfectly pitched. And unashamedly non-inclusive, did you note.

Armoured Dinner Jacket won't top that(?) - 1-nil at half-time to the Free World
Top lady - top person - simply the best!

With huge respect, I've had a rant in the Intelligence Cell, that is related to this thread.

PS: When the disgraced and dishonest Bliar referred, as was often the case, to "my Armed Forces", did any poster on this site feel all warm and comfy inside? Or, as it was in my case, did you feel nauseous and ill?


No one quite like our own Monarch is there, quietly safe and reassuring with a glint in her eyes. Long may she continue and hope she likes Channel 4 comedy :wink: Beg pardon Ma'am, but there's a long list of subjects and heretics we'd like you to have arrested. When you have a moment ma'am.....
What a honour to spend the Christmas Afternoon listening to Queen Elizabeth the lady makes us so proud to say we are British .She is a credit to our nation .
stacker1 said:
lashes said:
What a honour to spend the Christmas Day listening to Queen Lizzy the lady makes me so proud to say we are British .She is a credit to our nation .
Is TLF on Chritsmas leave?
Yes he was but he is back now. :D

Chubb, please die in an obscure and painful manner. Thanks.

BTW, Her Majesty thinks you are a complete cunt. I asked her.

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