Ladies, Gentlemen, good evening

I just thought I'd introduce myself - I hope you don't mind an Australian having a chat occasionally (okay, okay, you won the Ashes back, good on ya blah blah blah :lol: :lol: - seriously, well done, we played well but you, for once and at long last, were better and deserved to win, there I said it).

I came across this board a few weeks ago - I've made a few posts without intro but thought it would be a little less rude if I popped in here and said "g'day".

I'm hoping to start officer training next March, then Basic Flying Training School in Tamworth for 6-9 months, then off to helicopter training for 12 months. That's the short version, didn't want to bore you too much.

At 32, I'm considered old by those I went on flight screening with, so I'm reasonably world-knowledgable but still fairly clueless on military things. I'll try not to speak up unless I have something fairly useful to contribute.

I've been on PPRuNe a fair bit as I've been involved with aviation for some time, so you might see my name pop up there now and then in Rotorheads. I have every confidence you'll tell me where to go if I say something particularly stupid. :D


... edited subject to be PC ...
Welcome, I'm sure you've read enough to realise this is a madhouse - although not English may I be first to get in a quick joke courtesy of a buddy:

Who was the last English person to fvck the Aussie's and bring the ashes home ?................

....................Paula Yates .


Welcome, W2BF. Take copious notes on everything you see here, and believe less than 50% of the tales of derring-doo.

As I'm sure you're aware, those closely involved in flying love to rip the p1ss out of each other, keep that in mind as you tread the boards.

Good luck with the flying.
Oh that tart who wuz getting shafted by the second rate rock start who wasted himself so she brought ome is hashes for trixibelle or sumfing.
john old and past it.
wish2bflying said:
Tamworth, New South Wales, Australian colony - no snow there. :)
And from Persian Kitten's location we are to assume she's at Oxford University? Oh, dear. :lol:

Strangley enough dear, I don't think anyone has noticed a sizable Australian Army presence just off the M42. Or am I mistaken? Is there a covert op underway to recapture the Ashes? Tamworth would be a convenient LUP for an attack on Edgebaston or Trent Bridge if you have appropriate assets.

I think I'm onto you wish2bflying. You fellas can't stand to lose can you?
G'day SilsoeSid - seen any autogyro's lately? ;)

Not sure about the town, but certainly when I was in NSW back in 2000, I found myself putting snowchains on the hire car!
It was -1°C the first night we were there for flight screening, and there was a little frost on the ground in the morning, but no snow while we were there. Apparently it's not uncommon for it to snow there, but it's generally a one-day sort of thing that quickly melts off. More usually a problem in the higher mountain passes (we like to think of them as mountains, but they're quaint little hills in comparison to your mountains!).
Welcome W2 - nice to see you in chat last night. How is the little one feeling now?
Its a hello from might meet a certain brit on your travels in Oz Aviation...we didnt want him so he jumped ship to you...He's a Clever boy is the hint to his name.
Hope you dont talk utter shite like the other Aussie sorry South Londoner......

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