Ladies from hell?

After reading a short history of the black watch (having a family link) i realised that the reputation of the once feared scots has faded away ... or has it?

After much delibiration and after a chat in the local, myslef and a pal came to the conclusion that the reputation has just been over shadowed by "the big three" :roll:

Perhaps the kilt should be used again in theatre...perhaps nice dessy DPM ones?

Whlie i'm at it, have the reputations of every other regiment appart from the big two (we dont count the raf reg) been dampened by the constant media coverage of "elite" forces?

I thought this was going to be a thread about Liz the Nurse.

My bad.
God no, last jock i saw in a kilt was knocking one out on church parade. Poor bastard in front of him got some range paste on the back of his ones :twisted:
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