Ladies day...


I loved the part where they said they would remove the photographers accreditation. All they have to do is print one taken by a member of the public. Volunteers anyone?
There was no need for that!
As there were no pictures of overweight scousers that have been tango'd, pissing in the gutter, I am totally disappointed.
Still several females were spotted that would make me cry in the morning (including the one above)!


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Telegraph now also having a pop at Ladies Day.
Tottering heels? Tick. Daring dresses suitable for an August in Arizona, not a rainy April in Liverpool? Tick. Enough hairspray to destroy the ozone layer and alcohol flowing more copiously than the Mersey river? Tick and tick again.
And being the Telegraph they had to print a picture of the genus slaperis liverpudlious.


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