Ladies day Fashions!

Chavs go racing and surely image 13 is a bloke doing a charity dress up, at least I hope so
Either the DT have it in for scoucers or there has been a massive influx of "the Travelling community" to Aintree.

Some "sights" to behold indeed.
Whatever happened to "As long as it doesn't frighten the horses"? :omg: And is that Buckie or White Lightening in that pink bag?
Well Colleen looks lovely at least...
Was that the only two entries for the Miss Toxteth finals?
As my C/SGt at RMAS used to say: "You can't polish a t*rd..."

I have to suffer this debacle every year as I live less than a mile away. You can't play at being a lady...

Lord knows I've tried enough times...


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Most of them look like it is a saddle that they should be wearing. Jeez that must be one of the worst line ups ever and is a great reason why the burqua should be introduced to Liverpool.
Ladies Day! More like slag, in a bag day!


All I could see was a pic of two birds in cheap nylon dresses one of which was a ghastly colour.

My God I am getting fashion sense, I am turning Gay.

Ah a bottle of Whisky, thank the Lord.
Thank fook that fat eating bunch were not at aintree, when I did a driving course there. I would have been overloaded.

Any one see the dismounted horse chap and the xdresser, id have nutted it with my thigh high boots.
A sad bloody reflection of what's on offer if Colleen Rooney is the most stylish.

Crissake, that lot hurt my eyes.
Schleswig-Holstein said:
#28 would get the good news, and at 48 too
Oh fuck!! There are more!! 8O I thought it was just the 2 pantomime dames in high viz.
That is a scary amount of fake tan. MMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSES! (with scouse accents....ugh....)

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