Ladies day at Quicksands

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by THE_EDITOR, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. Folks

    The big boss is holding a ladies day at quicksands soon - what should be on the agenda ????

  2. Sorry I should expand - the views of the female members of the Corps are being elicited in order to ensure female issues are properly addressed

    The male issues are already known - beer, footie and females :)
  3. Ed,

    Sounds like a bunch of gender specific/PC arrse to me! I presume the Corps will be holding a male day followed by the inevitable gay/ethnic/disabled/pad/singlies day in order to ensure it is totally inclusive.

    Anyway, rant over. Here are some agenda points for you:

    1. Does Political Correctness have the potential to damage the Corps?
    2. Why are so many Majors leaving?
    3. No really, why are so many Majors leaving?
    4. Come on, I give up, why are so many Majors leaving?
    5. Please, does anybody have the first idea how to stop so many Majors leaving?

    Please feel free to delete 'Major' and insert rank of choice should it be deemed appropriate.
  4. just when you thought the see saw could not tip any further in the opposite direction.

    have we not had sufficient personnel of both sexes in key appointments in the last decade, to ensure that the views of both the females and the (apparently less important) males have been represented?

    having worked with a few different capbadges, in my opinion we have probably the healthiest integration of the sexes, and a far lower level of sexism than across most of the army. is this day really necessary?

    Sir, i shall look forward to White Male Day.

    and just to lower the tone, i look forward to the issue of the Corps Recipe lol
  5. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    So I presume your ladies agenda will be beer, footie and females then :cry:
  6. This has to be the biggest bunch of fcuking shit I have ever heard of. Is this a wind up, or does someone want to make us a laughing stock across the rest of the Army?

    If D Int wants to canvas the opinions of women, he could always start with his Corps Lt Col and Corps SO3.

    There are no such things as female issues in this job. There are Corps issues and Army issues, end of.
  7. i think this sort of thing actually damages the image of women in the army. most of them just want to be treated like the blokes and crack on, not have special days and things like that.

    but i'm sure there is a very good reason for it.
  8. A shame, your post started off so well! It's there for all to see, CR has assumed a mantle of diplomacy and tact. How desperate he must be for his Royal Warrant! :lol:

    He'd never have said anything like that when he was single, God how marriage changes a man.............

  9. Welcome to the shite PC world the rest of us have to suck on every day. Sad to see it has reached into the Corps.

    White Male Day is being held in cubicle 3 at Bradford Forster station on Wed 18th Oct ................... oh shit, missed it again!
  10. did i forget the smiley? :)
  11. Forget Ladies day. I'm looking forward to Black Gay Men's day.......

  12. i'll bet you are :)
  13. Nothing like inside information eh !!!!!!!!! :)
  14. We could always have a day, once a year for everyone. Call it.....Corps Day?

    How PC is that !!!

  15. finger on the pulse in brecon mate.