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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Door_Bundle_Mk2, Dec 23, 2004.

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  1. Just spotted a corker on a thread by Rincewind when he used the term "hippo's yawn" to describe a birds front bottom. It got me thinking that there are literally 100's of different names. A few of my favourites are:

    Stench trench
    Bearded clam
    Exit wound
    Axe wound
    Spaniel's ear
    Wizard's sleeve
    Clown's pocket

    Any more for any more??
  2. Bearded clam
    Bean (clit)

    agent smith
  3. Ripped welly top
  4. Monkey's mouth

    C*ck holster

    Fly catcher
  5. Split Arse (as in one at both ends)
  6. Hippo's Yawn
    Wizards Sleave
    Monkeys autopsy
    Vertical seafood tacco
    Badly packed kebab

    "bike rack"
    Front bottom

  7. box
    c0ck vise
    hair pie
    fur burger
    tuna bin
  8. Pi*s Flaps

    Beef Curtains
  9. Short, sweet to the point; a word that rolls of the tongue


    (and consored it would seem)
  10. Clopper
    Vertical Bacon Sarnie
    Fish Supper
    Gutted Rabbit
    Spam Purse
    Beef Curtains
  11. A cracker from my Glaswegian RMO describing his ex-fiancee: 'Hanging open like a beggar's purse'
  12. Gentlemen, I thank you for your input thus far. I do however, have to comment on the lack of input by the split arrses. We all know that you're not shy at throwing the bearded clam at every squaddie passing, so it stands to reason that you must call it something, apart from "disease ridden pit which is the downfall of every living male"

    So come on girls, what do you call it?

    Poppy, I will not accept "Nuu Nuu" or "tuppence"
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    :lol: :lol:

    Cheers for that !

    Vindaloo all over the damn table !
  14. The bucket
    Fish tank
    Cockerel's chin
    pocket book
  15. Beaver
    votze (turns on the helgas in boxhead land as in --kann ich deine votze lecken?)