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Hi all, been biking on and off for about 7 years now, and had a Kawasaki ZX 6R from new in 2004...was a bit of an extravagance when I first got it and I must admit I was a little scared of it...

Problem is, it's been sat in the garage with a SORN since I had my youngest nipper at Christmas, and I was planning to get back on it a bit, except I recently became single and every penny counts really. The insurance is mental, both coz of my age and just because of the type of bike a ninja is...not got the biggest engine I suppose but there just seems to be something about them.

I went shopping with a mate (and had a go on his 1000 daytona) and sat on a few bikes, but it reminded me how I came to buy the ninja anyway...because it fitted me really well when most bikes don't. I love sports bikes and I'm not expected log pegs or squishy seats on anything, but I also don't want to have my chest on the tank just to reach properly!

Can anyone help? I don't want to give it all up, going out on the big triumph with a very experienced biker has really whetted my appetite to get back out there. I need a cheap(er) to run bike, but not something that'll bore me. And something designed for a lady (think the shortness of the ninja is what makes me comfy on it, there's not that much stretching to do). Ideas please!

Triumph Daytona ? Honda CBR 600 ? do you want a sports bike still ? or what about a sports tourer ?
The other way to go could be to get an early Firebalde , you can get classic bike insurance and you get Honda reliability , find a good standard one and it will never loose its value either .
Sports tourer probably the way forward, a full-on sports bike would be wasted on me these days anyway (think having the kids has rocked my confidence a bit!). Honda sounds like a good option.
Haha not really, feel antsy every time I close my bedroom door and see my leathers hangin up....heh

Best insurance I've found for her works out about £145 a much for getting my licence DAS all those years ago. If your young it doesn't seem to matter how experienced you are, they still fleece you!
I picked up a ZZR600 a while back purely for the seating position, a low seat with pegs and bars where my old bones comfortably flopped. It'll do 155 if you really want it to and isn't too bad on fuel either. The bonus is the insurance £70. The looks might not be to your taste (not really my style either)but I'm just using it as an example. Thundercat, GSF600, SV600, Diversion, older CBRs , VFR even. There's a whole string of second line bikes that might be "acceptable" to you but not break the bank.

Have fun.
I know a lot of ladies who ride grey import 400 class sportsbikes as these are mostly designed for the Jap internal market and hence shorter riders.
Her indoors runs a GSXR750 K4
Incredibly light and nimble, a 10 year old could ride one. If you aren't 6 foot and 18 stone they are the bike to have!


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I bought a ZZR600 as my first bike, insurance was £150 first year and £80 second year. Had to get rid because of second pregnancy and move to BFG, but she was a lovely bike. Took her to France with my 8 year old son on the back and it was a great ride, even for the 12 hours we were on the bike. I am not particularly tall (5'6) and I could put both feet on the floor fully. Really nimble through traffic, quick bike. Would buy another one tomorrow, but am inheriting my next bike as my dad is giving up riding after 40 years.

It was quite an old bike when I bought it (Y - 2001 / bought 2007) but she started every time. Never had a problem.

Sam x
6 years old is not old for a well loved bike.

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