Ladies and Gentlemen, The Boss!

Many happy returns Maam

Royal correspondent asking her Majesty what she got for her birthday was told:

"Who are all these people who object to my grandson flying one of my helos
they are mine are they not".
Gaw bless ya Yer Majesty... and all who sail on you. :salut:

Today's also the 90th anniversary of von Richthofen's demise. So happy deathday you filthy Prussian swine! :pissed:
dingerr said:
Ashamedly, i didn't realise. :oops:

But i bet i'm not the only one.
Actually she looks like my long gone mum

if it helps I wil carry a bomb vest into any "Unwanted smelly band" and press the button knowing my mum and dad wil be there to kiss me.

After what they did for this country 39-45 and beyond i'm feeling a litttle small.
Happy Birthday, your Majesty, from a loyal servant of the crown.

For those here who are calendar-challenged, don't forget that Wednesday is St George's Day. I shall be flying the flag of St George that day in my garden of course. Union flag will go back up the next day. :salut: