Ladies...A forum that'll have you drooling!

I have taken it upon meself to start a thread that have some proper blokes on for us to ogle at......Takes our minds off some of the dogs/arrse's on this site! ::)

G g g g g g areth G g g g g g g g g ates your havin a laff.

the bloke cant even talk without a puppeteer
Garth Gates masterbates too much, and this causes his stutter.

Beckham, short arse.

Brad Pitt, okay, give you that one, he is handsome for a bloke (in a non-fairy type of way).

Justin Timberrrrr, doing an impression of me when I've wet the bed.

Enricky Iglaloo, dago twit.

Said my piece, bring it on.   ;D
You've enough forum's to f1ck about lads.....Don't go spoiling this one aswell...... pleeaasseee! :)

Only time you'll ever get a please out of me...
For crying out loud get me a gun.

one that fires very big, very slow bullets

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