Ladette to Lady - Would you shag one of those slags?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by mysteron, Jun 29, 2005.

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  1. Yeah, then go twos up with my bezza mate!

  2. By God, never!

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  1. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    After watching Ladette to Lady last night, I was aghast to see three officers of HM Forces (all from donkey walloping Regiments) associating with these trollops, one of whom offered his engagement!!!

    By God, where have the Values and Standards of Her Majesty's officers gone?

    But the real question is, would you take one of these tarts into your mess?
  2. I woudn't let them wash my car/mow my lawn, apart from the burly gas fitter, she has a certain earthy nobility. :wink:
  3. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I'll grant you that the fat gas fitter is the only one with some semblance of a moral compass.

    However, what are cavalry donkey wallopers doing associating with them? Don't make me name Regiments, is it going to be name and shame time?
  4. I agree Mysteron, slumming it occasionally whilst retaining ones anonymity is one thing, but to publicly consort with tarts, harpies and harridans demonstrates a profound lack of character. Do you know them? if so, I say name and shame them.
  5. I think in fairness the one I saw was probably TA donkeywallopers(QOY either D Sqn or A Sqn?) but i agree he was a complete tool. He fell instantly in love for one of the geezerbirds and left a note tucked down her cleavage inviting her to marry him and enjoy a life of luxury - what a chod

    Should be bottled senseless by the members of his mess for appearing on such a shabby low rent programme and then charged for bringing the RAC into disrepute.

    I wouldn't voluntarily let them into the mess but they wouldnt be that different to nurses or Norland nannies I suppose :wink:
  6. I would have quite happpily made the two backed beast with any one of them (with the possible exception of that big plumber lass that looks like a fella although out of the lot of them she is the only one with half a braincell.) I am, however, not an officer but an NCO and as such I see this as my duty.

    In fairness those officer's on the programme were all drips.
  7. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Oz, you obviously failed to notice the announcement made of the president of the Life Guards polo club, Major Peter Hunt (made on the programme so OPSEC not broken).

    In addition a member of a certain FR Regiment that recruits from the area that the programme was filmed was spotted.

    In reference to the TA donkey walloper infatuated with the parlourmaid, did you spy the number of medals? I believe I counted 7, no Queen's chocolate coin and a what either looked suspiciously like the Falklands or East Timor medal. Potential Walt?

    Answers on a fat slags beermat....
  8. Never seen the programme so can only guess they were munters of the highest order, yeah i would have brought them to a mess function, then have them tag teamed all night, who cares what they look like after the dinner port and speachs, followed by 1 hours power drinking, you know you would!!!
  9. Not seen

    Ive only seen the episode with the party, reeling and rounds of Frieda round the snooker table. He did have a suspiciuosly large rack of miniatures didnt he?

    I thought it was filmed near Barnard Castle in Teesdale so that means it could have been a LD officer 8O. If so I shall confim and then out him as I know one ginger (he prefers to think of himself as blonde) ex-LD specimen who lives up there

  10. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer


    He has three pips and is a bit of a to$$er IMHO.
  11. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Here's another question, what about a troll like lawstudent/yannie? Would you invite her into the mess to go twos up?
  12. Two's up as a punching bag maybe!!
  13. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

  14. She's so incredibly bloody earnest, I fear I would fall asleep before I managed to jab her fangita/hoop/blow-hole. :D
  15. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    So, if you had to take on of those disgusting sluts into a dinner at the mess, which one would you take.

    Me, I would take the bird Hayley, the red haired,sarf london one. She looks as if she could scrub up, can down a pint in under 5 seconds and frankly, I reckon she would go like a belt fed mortar.