Ladakh, Agra and Delhi


The family and I are considering a trip to northern india next year for a trek in Ladakh and then visits to Agra for the Red Fort and the Taj Mahal boxing it all with a day either end in Delhi. I know I should be prepared for the huge culture shock but is there anything more one should know?


What part of Ladakh you trekking in. Last year I cycled from Leh to Srinagar. Leh was awesome very remote and friendly people. Lots of places advertising trekking although I stuck with my cycling. Remember it is quite seasonal in the mountains and very cold in winter. Also Leh just got fu. cked over by the floods so will take a while to rebuild. Srinagar on the other hand had huge military prescence being on border with pakistan has sangars in all the streets etc. Not really a place to take your family. Delhi was where the culture shock gets you. Personally I hated it but thats what some people want to see. worth a quick look on your way through just to see cows on the motorway and whole familys traveling on a scooter. I didn't get out to Agra so can't comment on that

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