Lad excluded from school because of epi pen


Is it right that a young lad be excluded from school because he carried a epi-pen in case he suffers a severe reaction .

The school have excluded him on the grounds of Health & Safety. They have offered him a place in the schools 'inclusion' unit but his parents refused to send him back.

School is saying they have no teachers in place to deal with George and nobody could take charge of his Epipen because staff don't know how to use it.

This child needs to educated no matter what , The problem with schools if they adminster the epi pen and things go wrong then they can get sued .

This young lad is 11 so he should have been trained to use it himself .

Also why haven't the l.e.a. sent two of there staff on a course to learn how to use the epipen pen and some friends from school .

He does not need to eat in the school canteen as he can take his own food in to school himself

This child may not like being separated from his friends in the main stream section but at least in the inclusion unit he can carry on with his studies while the lea and staff learn how to administer the epipen-pen.

A friend of mine who is a detachment commander had a lad of 13 in the ACF but this did not stop this lad enjoying himself like all other lads .

The biggest problem in the u.k. is that people are not taught how to use epipen pen and dont really understand what to do if someone as a severe allergy .

In the supermarkets its the worst because they dont label food products properly and put allergy labels where you cant see them

I have a epipen pen and Ana pen because i have severe allergys but i live a normal life , I was taught how to use my pens and to carry a card and antihistamine tablets at all time .