lactose intolerance

hey folks, i'm new to this so be nice ( i can put my hand on my heart and swear i'm not a chav!)

I'm planning on joining the AGC but i have an intolerance to anything that has been near lactose. I have tried looking into this but i am unable to find a definite answer as to whether this is going to cause a problem.

Can anyone help?

much appreciated
I think this will cause you a major problem, especially on exercises etc....Still speak to the Recruitment office and get advice from your Dr
thanks for that mate. i'm going to have a word with the recruitment people like you say. i have it under control - getting good at guessing which foods i can't have just don't want to have them tell me no outright.

still - it's a risk i'm going to have to take

cheers again


When you get in, you may face a problem as you'll be making tea for the top corridor until you pass your typists course. I'd watch out for the Chief Clerk keeping his yoghurts in the top drawer of the filing cabinet as well.
A new milk called "Lactofree" is nice too.
My friends nephew had a similar problem. He was a bursar for 4 years at university, 8 days at RMAS and his lactose intolerance problem saw him being told he couldn't continue pursuing a commission or any career in HM Forces.
To be honest mate,,, your pretty fuc*ked as most things in the forces that are good for you or at least are available when your in the middle of a field is dairy based.

Chocolate - Chocolate - oh yeah and Chocolate.

Although AGC doesnt generally end up in the field ona regular basis anyway and if they do its not for long.

But you can alwats get a note from your mum to go home early.......
Try this one (no guarantees):

For years, I managed to keep hidden the fact that even a drop of milk gave me the shits. Then I'm scheduled for a colonoscopy one day. This requires "prepping", i.e. drinking stuff that will flush everything else out. The product I took was called "Half-Lytely" or something else that rhymes with Richard Whiteley (RIP). Draino by another name.
I take this stuff and a day of crapping and vomiting ensues. A couple of days after they remove the probe from my arrse, I realize my tummy tum tum hasn't felt better in years. Cue a stab at drinking milk - and lo and behold, I've been downing buckets of cereal covered in the good stuff ever since!

Try it. Tell the doctor you think you have irritable bowel syndrome; she'll schedule an appointment and hand you a prescription for the bowel cleanser. Buy product, cancel appointment ("I feel fine, now."), excuse yourself for 24 hours. Enjoy!

Got milk?

PS: It might have been the wonderful experience of having a tube shoved up my arrse that really healed me, so you might as well go ahead with the whole procedure just to be sure.
PPS: If you're really AGC material, make sure you don't get PTSD from what I suggest you do.
:D thanks cheesy i'm willing to give anything a go (think i'll leave out the pipe bit for the time being lol) i can't understand what caused the problem in the first place, i used to be fine with milk then about 6 years ago..... well i'll spare you the details lol!!

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