Lackluster local elections

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gizmo17, May 2, 2012.

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  1. Well here i am on the eve of election day and i have received no leaflets seen no candidates in fact don't even know who is standing in my ward.

    Main stream party's taking things very much for granted?
  2. Theres no mention of it on the BBC, although I note they have a link for the US 2012 Election, which is obviously more important. (where is that sarcasm smiley?!)
  3. I haven't even received voting papers.
  4. Same here, zip, zilch, nada.
  5. The only thing I will enjoy is Clegg getting pissed on from a bloody great height... again.
  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Had my votong card about 6 weeks ago, and one (count it: one) candidates' statement. It happened to come from the incumbent and I know him anyway, so he's going to get my vote if I can be arsed to exercise my franchise (which I will, because if I don't then I have no right to complain).
  7. Whet still not surfaced in Skipton?

  8. Yep have my voting card Just dont Know who to vote for not because i am wrestling with my political convictions but alas because the candidates havent botherd their arse to tell any of us mere minions IE the general public who they are and what they stand for.
  9. No voting cards, nothing. "Local democracy", my arrse.

    Another raft of hopeless, corrupt souls will laud it over us either elected on a landslide of 12 votes or simply 'unopposed'.

    They'll become the Princes of Bin Collections and have to dine with planning applicants (claiming expenses, natch) and **** around with our lives, unwanted and unrequired.
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  10. Hear Hear. It's a ****ing mystery to me what they do with their vast sums of money, extracted through the extortion that is Council Tax.
  11. Well, my local councillor, a man of former meagre and non employed means, managed to get himself parachuted from secretary of the local con club. Oddly enough, he was involved in the shoo in of some rather nice new council houses on a bit of parkland next to his then scruffy 3 bed terraced house. At the end of the block of new build semis, a detached 3 bed was built, and who do you think got a 'transfer' to this new detached 3 bed and bought it shortly afterwards? Also, he now swanks about in a rather nice Jag of the 4 litre persuasion, amazing how a council pig who's always inveighing the peasants to 'go green' and voting in new green bollocks is happy to drive this gas guzzler on expenses... But as he says, he covers so many miles he needs a comfortable car. Since he was elected councillor 20 years ago, he has never deigned to do anything so vulgar as door knock asking for votes and never replies to emails or letters.

    Councillors, money grubbing cnuts the lot of them.
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  12. Don't tell me... he bought the council house on right to buy at a discount on valuation rates?

    Bunch of *******.
  13. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    I will be voting for my local independent councillor, Tony S-------.

    He actually seems to care about his constituents and - if contacted - will try and resolve problems. His election literature is simple, straightforward, lists his achievements for the past few years and does not attack his opponents. If there is a systemic problem in any part of his ward he will actually come round and talk to the householders.

    By way of contrast, I only ever hear from the mainstream candidates when there is an election - and that is usually confined to putting a leaflet through my door. Those leaflets invariably attack Tony S------- for not doing his job - which only increases my contempt for the local parties.

    No contest who I'll be voting for.

  14. Since for the few that vote - and don't have a family member/ close friend standing - it is just one big referendum on Westminster leaders, As such I am betting on UKIP making waves and the Limp Dems getting a shoeing.

    More importantly, Nick Clegg's wife: How did the cowardly twit pull that one off? I am guessing there is some very 'alternative' sexual dynamic going on there. My speculation however probably say more about this c/s than it does about either of them.
  15. You don't actually need a voting card to vote. Just say who you are and you're given a ballot paper.

    I've had the lot of leaflets, way too many. But it's the usual story, in local elections the candidates talk of national issues and what their views are. Nothing relevant.

    What they certainly will never do is say things like; "I have qualifications, skills and experience in Housing [for example] and that's the council position I wish to fill." Why don't they say these things? Because they don't have any such qualifications, or skills, or experience. Instead they get elected and end up with jobs they know nothing about. It's just like electing a gardener to be a mechanic because he's a nicer bloke than someone else. It would not happen in industry or business, but it does happen at every election, and few ever question this.

    I have had the unfortunate experience of seeing Southend-on-Sea council in meetings and on other occasions. Their sheer ignorance and incompetance has to be witnessed to be believed!