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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Care-Bear, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. Just throwing a few ideas around with my collegues, and we were discussing that there should be a far greater focus on trying to recruit more minorities into the army. There is a serious lack of people with an Asian background in the Army, which results in a VERY narrow minded organisation. It's almost as if the Army is ignoring the fact that Britain is now a very multi-cultural country, but yet the remains predominantly white due to lacking recruitment procedures. We need a bigger drive to merge all people of Britain regardless or Race Colour or Sexual Orientation. I think the Police and Fire services recruitment policies are a standard to be followed.

    Lets discuss how we can include more minorities into the Army. Here's a first idea, perhaps we should try and advertise the appeal of homosexuals working far better in the AGC perhaps? Your views?
  2. perhaps you should be in a care home t!t :roll:
  3. a typical close minded and un-intelligent response
  4. So, outline your plan then. What exactly do you believe should be done to broaden the alleged narrow mindset of the Army. There's nothing like hearing the plan from an expert. So, crack on, the floor is yours...

    ...or were you just hoping for a few racial insults in order to prove some absurd point which you 'and your colleagues' may have arrived at?
  5. Nothing of the sort, I'd just like some ideas from people in the army.
  6. So, what is it you do then? You and 'your colleagues' that is?
  7. WTF? I think 3 Para Mortars have stolen a march on your plan there!

    No one actually cares what sexual orientation, sex or race soldiers are today. They have much weightier issues to deal with at the moment.
  8. This isn't about me, it's about trying to solve an issue that the army has, and I'd like to get some ideas of what we can do off of people. Should we follow what the police have done and try to keep so that the force has a proportional amount of minorities to white british.
  9. reverse discrimination you mean?

    "yes Mr X, you are perfectly suited to the Army. Unfortunately your a straight white middle class male though, and this week i'm only recruiting homosexuals of an ethnic background so I can't help you."
  10. msr

    msr LE

    No we shouldn't.

    The offer made and standards required do not discriminate.

    If a certain section of society does not wish to take the offer or meet the standards then that is their choice.

  11. Sorry if it's slightly off topic but I didn't see the need in starting a new thread.

    Do a lot of potential recruits, who are going through the application stages, end up pulling out of joining up altogether?

    I know two people who started and decided it wasn't for them, so I just wonderred if it's a large amount.
  12. Personally I have no problem with anyone joining up, but a lot of immigrants to this country do not attempt to mix into our culture. People who don't bother to learn English, because they are okay in their own community who speaks the tongue of their mother nation or choose to dress wearing items of clothing & hide behind it being a religious obligation, when in fact it is bull.

    This attitude is then born into their British born off spring & so they do not want to join, as they don't see themselves as british, so why defend the country. Radicalisation then ensues in these communities & breed the kind of brits that want to commit attrocities like 7/7.

    The only way to recruit people of other cultures or races in this country is to deal with the inbuilt divisions in our society. Until this is the case, ethnic minorities will be very under represented.
  13. What issue is that?

    I think the issue is that the Army will respect you once you prove worthy of it, regardless or your race/sex/sexual preferences.
  14. Well, what do you think the Army should do?

    Let's hear what you think would work. After all you have taken it upon yourself to 'try and solve an issue that the Army has', so why don't you lay out your stall. Obviously you 'and your colleagues' have worked out what you think is wrong, so why don't you inform us of what your findings were, where your drew them from and how you 'and your colleagues' would resolve the 'issue that the Army has'?

    Why are you so reluctant to say what it is that you and 'your colleagues' do?
  15. What 'issue' is it you feel the army has? It is my understanding that if you wish to join and are eligible then you can. What evidence have you for believing that this means that the army is 'almost ignoring the fact that Britain is a very multi-cultural country?
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