Lack of strident response to hostage crises

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by nomdeplume, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. After the pathetic performance of our government to the kidnapping of our sailors by Iran, it would seem that the lesson learnt by some is that if you want instant media attention and a grovelling "foreign power" at your doorstep, you only need to take some of their citizens hostage and start mumbling about executions. History repeats itself with the teddy named Mohammed.

    Anyone else agree there is a connection between rewarding their bad behaviour with an anaemic response and encouraging further hostage-taking?
  2. I don't think being arrested counts as being taken hostage...
  3. When you are "arrested" by ignorant,murderous savages who sexually mutilate their own young,it definitely does :evil:
  4. The ignorant murderous savages were outside demonstrating, not in the court. She's a stupid tart who should have known that she was taking a risk using that name. She only got 15 days for it and then kicked out of the country. She's hardly Shawshank Redemption material.
  5. I agree with the idea that a pathetic response from this liarbore government(of whom a few proably side with Britian's enemies) encourages further attacks on British citizens and interests.

    These British muslim parlimentarians that have gone out to grovel to what passes for a government in the sh*tehole that is Sudan are probably working to a hidden agenda to further humilate Britian.
  6. Taken as read, old chap. However, we are discussing HMG's craven response to the situation.

    Anyone care to speculate on the response to an identical situation from, say, Russia or China? 8O
  7. With the investment of China into Sudan they wouldn't dare upset them.
  8. You have to remember the proportions too. Iran is rather more organised than the tin-pot country that is Sudan. Thus Iran can get around to kidnapping some sailors in a rubber dinghy. Sudan on the other hand, had to resort to kidnapping a poor old unarmed woman in a school to attempt to muster the same media impact.

    Russia will probably stop shipping arms to them and China would stop investing? Excluding ICBMs, Russia has lost a lot of its power projection capability it had as the USSR and China is still building it up. So they probably wouldn't have resorted to a military option. IIRC there was a case of some Chinese citizens kidnapped in Afghanistan or Iran a while ago; after some behind-the-scenes pressure they were released without fanfare or further incident.

    Even Israel's short war with her neighbours in response to kidnappings of their soldiers, though strident, was seen as a publicity coup by the Islamists because they ended up giving back the land they took and they never recovered the soldiers either.
  9. And what exactly are we supposed to have done?
    Shut the embassy and lose all influence?
    Send in the SAS and set an international legal precedent that when a citizen is arrested for commiting a crime in a foreign nation, a state has the right to use force to release them?

    Just because you've not seen something happen doesn't mean nothings happened. As always in these things, a lot will have gone on behind the scenes that people will never see - I'd suggest the very light sentence that she got reflects this fact. If the FCO does its job right, then ideally you will never see them having to issue overt threats.
  10. Release her and apologise - or we'll cut off the MILLIONS we send you in Aid.

    You love Allah so much, let Him feed your kids.

    Job done.
  11. Unfortunately, once again, the media didn't help. It was blown out of all proportion and she may have been home now had they not stirred up such a frenzy.
  12. This is not a wah, it may however,be a bone question!

    The press stated that two muslim peers from the House of Lords were going to Sudan to plead her case - now is that two peers who also just happen to be muslim, or have we got members of the Lords who are there solely because they are muslim in the same way as reps from the Church of england are in the House of Lords?
  13. Inside,Outside,same belief system"Death to the primary school teacher/Salman Rushdie rides again" :evil:
  14. The money sent from the UK helps feed the poor buggers in Darfur that the Sudanese Gov. would otherwise be happy to see dead.

    They really couldn't give a sh!te if we keep the money coming or not... :x :x
  15. Which is why the Sudanese court sentenced her to death then?