Lack of SLA???

Just turned up in my new post, only to find that there is no room in the mess (Full of married/Unaccompanied or over 37). I have been given a bunk in the transit/course block that is extracting the urine to say the least, 1 locker, 6' x 11' in size and there's me with 10 MFO boxes in the QM's :!:
What is the score with a singly having to live in shoite, whilst the good bunks are full of pads, on either the over 37 pack or maintaining quarters elsewhere??? Is there anything in the Regs to help me out on this??? :?
Thanks 8O
I doubt there is anything in Regs - but speak to your CO at the very least - there may be surplus Married Quarters (unlikely I know) that you can be moved into - at two of my last three postings this was the case. All in all though I think you'll find that you are another casualty of the underinvestment in accommodation.
I suggest a polute word with the PMC. if you're dealing with the Mess Manager he may Foxtrot Oscar you to save upsetting the status quo - for the easy life he wants.

The gist of the issue is as a singly = 7 days a week home. Married Unaccompanied / over 37s - 5 day accomodation. If that falls on deaf ears speak with the RSM direct - balls and prior homework completed first though!

I guess you're a new Sgt in the mess - it may all be a wind up afterall!!!
Thanks Gents, thought that was the case. I was going to see the RSM anyway, just wanted to see if there was any back up in Regs. Pick your battles and all that :D
Not new in the mess, just never had the pleasure of an unhelpful civvie mess manager before. Nothing like putting it all out to contract for a better service!

If you aren't bothered about being seen to be a bit of a bolshy sod there are a couple of ways to approach this:

Check the grade of accommodation you are paying. If you feel it is too high then challenge the grade within your first 3 months of occupying to try and get it reduced. JSP 464 refers.

Check your Mess Rules to see if there is a local accommodation policy. The rules (JSP 464) state that single and unaccompanied (over 37) personel should not be treated any differently, but this can be overuled at the discretion of the local service commander.

If you don't want to be bolshy then try speaking to a military point of contact instead of the Mess Manager.
The mess down here is also full - they have now taken some of the rooms in the officers' mess annex to house the extras. Not ideal but there you go ...

It's interesting to see that the shortage of mess accommodation has hit someone else too. Is this a wider problem ?
Both Officers' Messes in my location have been full for a while now with misappropriated quarters being used as annexes for both.
Sounds like quite a widespread problem. We have lots of people in SSSA, though I sometimes wonder if the Mess Mgr is just issuing them with non availability certificates whenever they ask for one!
Had a rummage through AGAIs and QRs today - bottom line from both pams is that you're fcuked - the key thing is in QRs which basically states that the only exception to getting a quarter by entitlement if you are not Maristat 1 or 2 (I'm guessing you're 5 like me) is if you are a full Col or above or a half col in command or a razzer. So I figure that the only route is to complain and hope for a sympathetic hearing - wrong I know but as we all know sh1t happens. Sorry it isn't the answer it should be and all in all it's a fcucking disgrace but sh1t bust bottom line is that the Pam has nowt worth saying to help you. Good luck mate.
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