Lack of self-confidence

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Frangipani, Sep 14, 2005.

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  1. A senior NCO introduces himself to a young lady at a civilian party and within 5 mins of meeting her lets her know that should he pass some exam or the other he will be promoted by several ranks. Am I right in thinking that he was trying too hard to impress and lacks in self-confidence?
    Many thanks for your thoughts.
  2. Did he shag her?
  3. Who gives a fcuk?
  4. I've never met a SNCO who lacked confidence, I suspect that he was just trying to get into her knickers, and was hedging his bets on the "she prefers Officers/NCOs" stakes.
  5. You do Moody, normally in exchange for a lift home and a large kebab. :wink:
  6. I have noticed that everytime I post you reply, including my 'quote'....I realise you may fancy me but unfortunately I dont do retards. Sorry mate, looks like you'll be doing your mums back doors for a while longer ;)
  7. You're right of course Moody, I'd give my Grannies last 15" of bowel to bounce your bonce off of my headboard. In the meantime, I'll keep on doing me dear old ma, she's younger and prettier than you anyway. :D
  8. Thanks, just what I thought, but how do you get that across to a visiting young and seemingly impressionable cousin?

    Sorry, for what probably was (and is) a stupid question, but not being British, I thought I may have been too harsh.

  9. "Thanks, just what I thought, but how do you get that across to a visiting young and seemingly impressionable cousin?"

    Tell her you heard that Albert Einstein was the fruit of a union between cousins and that sex between you would be for the sake of mankind ......or something equally stupid.Or if she is blond tell her the whole cousin thing is overrated.Like school.
  10. Ermmmmmmmmmm...... maybe he was lost for conversation in the midst of Civvies?

    Did he shag her? :lol:
  11. well if it worked does it matter?
  12. Of course not OB a shag's a shag :lol: It matters not how it is achieved..... as long as it was worth all the mind numbing conversation to get the end result :twisted:
  13. mind numbing conversation, if he had to endure more than 10 minutes of polite banter i wonder why he didn't just move on the next unsuspecting victim.
  14. :lol: Agree OB how long would you wait before getting down to the nitty gritty i.e. "Are we getting out of here or what?"
  15. Before i was otherwise attached, it depended very much on alcohol consumption, attraction to said person and whether or not i could be arrsed. One nighters are not really my thing to be fair.