Lack of Security at Wembley

I went to the Live Earth gig at the new Wembley, I was wondering what the new Wembley had in offer. After arriving I was greeted with long queues just to get in, fair enough I thought as the alert state is high with what has happened over the last 2 weeks. Once at the gates and through into the stadium I was patted down however my girlfriend who was carrying a backpack and a bottle of water was stopped and had her bottle top taken off her and that was it. No one questioned her about her bag, opened it or looked inside it. At a huge public event like Live Earth in the worlds most expensive stadium you would have thought that their would have been a search in everyone’s bag, but maybe not. My other gripe is that there is only 2 cash Machines so if you are going there any time soon, take plenty of money as the queue for the cash machine was huge!

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