lack of response

I have informed HQ RLC TA- 166 Supply Regiment of my family problems and the like. Informed S/SGT ..... PSI 294 SQN/166 Supply Regiment. He told me to call Major ..... OC . Again no response after leaving messages. I am ex reg Infantry if they cant be asked to get back to me i may have to conisder leaving, at a time when TA especially RLC is undermanned. Not a problem have memories from regs but TA was anger release. We shall see what occurs if they call me back??


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With all due respect you only raised this here yesterday - how long since you raised it with the Unit? The people concerned may well be out or on holiday/leave. I don't think it's acceptable to post their names here anyway. I wouldn't be too impressed if I was your OC.

Stick it on a letter marked for the OC's attention which means you have completed your obligation by informing the unit of your situation, as it is the time of year for leave and 37 Sqn arent exactly the quickest off the block for replying/action/motivation.... I should know as I have served as a TA troopy in Grantham before. If not bother your Tp Comd (Although not many in 166), Sqn 2IC or SSM via the phone. Or transfer to my troop down the road......(A12)

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