Lack of Respect

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chiefwiggum, Nov 12, 2003.

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  1. Whilst attending a part time course for work on Tuesday (11-11-03)
    I was heartened to see so many staff wearing poppies. However I was equally disgusted by the number of students who weren't and absolutely incandesent when I saw the notice appealing for whoever had stolen the Poppy Collection tin to return it. There are not enough evils in hell for this type of scum. These 'people' would not have the freedoms they enjoy now if it was not for the sacrifice of so many. I hope when they die they are met by the honourable ghosts of those they have sinned against
  2. This will be the 'self, self, self' generation in action. The problem is whilst the vast majority are not as bad as the media like to make out, they are even more apathetic than previous generations.
  3. No real need to mention that the thief or thieves who took the poppy collection is/are scum.

    As for the students not wearing the poppy, at least they are not wearing the white poppy which was the prefered 'protest' for a while.

    They have no concept of life being any different and don't really consider that they have anything to be grateful for. Sad, really sad. :(
  4. Its their right to be ungrateful twats. Sod them.

    I used to take wicked delight in asking a former colleague why he was not wearing his poppy...he bit every time but felt that it was his right not to wear one. Fair enough.
  5. Mmmmm, their 'rights'.

    I've posted somwhere else already tonight that 'civil rights' have to be balanced against 'civil obligation'. Okay, they are not obligied to sacrifice themselves, serve their country or even to support their country..... but they should at least recognize that the rights they have, and wave in front of everyones face at every oppertunity, didn't just happen, they were (and are) being fought for by people less selfish than themselves.

    That service deserves (Demands more like!) that the debt of gratitude isn't just ignored.
  6. mmmmmmmmmm touchy subject this for me ,
    saw a couple of our future ( the youth of our area!!) a couple years ago ,when I was walking back from the local establishment after a couple of refreshers with a pal, saw these bright eyed prospects of our future spraying the local memorial to our brave boys, went over and asked them to stop, well it was a non verbal request and promptly took the 2 down to the local nick, where I was told we have sympathy with what you say about the incident , and they said they would charge the youth( thats a laugh old enough to be in the army actually) with a misdemenor and I was promptly charged with assault!!!!! Anyway cut a long story short went to court Judge asked me to apologise I refused, and was promptly fined 250 dollars! I said make it 500 and I will pay for the cleaning of the memorial, then got slapped with another50 dollars contempt of court.
    Gotta love this new modern world we live in .
  7. Tigger...You're a good-chap.

    ...not often i pay compliment but it's certainly due here!

  8. The Judge and the Coppers seem a bit pink for Colonials.

    Well Done anyway.

  9. Not this part of the Colonies LOL multi cultural, understanding and tolerant dontchya know
  10. yes they are scum PP, and i wish there had been a tad more publicity on the subject, i.e. more news on television, just so the people who havent got access to the internet are more aware of what has been/is happening!!
  11. Anyone else seen the reports in several papers of the war memorial in Cambridge, which was sprayed with 3 pictures of monkeys by an animal rights protestor. Apparently he was arrested but released on bail.

    An ideal candidate for vivisection, clearly.
  12. “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling that thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature indeed and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself”.
    John Stuart Mill
  13. At 11.00hrs on 11th Nov, i was in the middle of a lecture, in which the lecturer asked the class to observe a minutes silence in rememberence. There were about 60 people in the room, of which 12 of us were military. Whilst we all sat in silence, the civilian students whispered, fidgited and doodled. Was it so much to ask that they sit for one whole minute?

    There's just no respect!
  14. Presumably these are people who are hoping to join a caring profession - and they couldn't even be bothered to stand, let alone be silent. I trust you will be educating them, as it seems the lecturer did not.

    Good for you for respecting it despite the distraction.
  15. The last two or three years, while I working in a big office, the company would arrange for the fire alarm to sound briefly at 11am and then sound again after two minutes. I would turn off my phone, get up from my desk and go over to the window - so that I would be standing and could be away from e-mail etc. Most people observed the silence but few stood. But there was always someone tapping away at their PC. Never ceased to amaze me.

    What was interesting was that in the very busy London street outside, workers from shops and banks would come and stand outside their workplaces on the pavement for the two minutes and even the traffic seemed quieter for a short time. Each year, there were fewer people doing it but it was nice to see it happen.