Lack of Poppy Sellers?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AndyPipkin, Nov 3, 2007.

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  1. I've yet to see one in central London/N1, there don't appear to be any collecting tins in the local shops either. Anyone else notice this?
  2. It's probably classed as racist to sell poppies in london or at the least may upset the muslim community.
  3. I think it just depends when the first weekend nearest the 1st November is...a couple of lovely ladies outside Tesco's today kept well busy.
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    Seen plenty of shops with collection tins in Birmingham, not as many collectors as usual though.
  5. I gave my name, address and telephone number to the RBL lady at at the Aldershot Army Show so that I could sell poppoes this year.

    I haven't heard nothing yet, and am yet to see a Poppy Seller in my area!
  6. Dont be a mong.

    Yours truly is doing some collecting this year.
  7. I've been out myself this morning. A bit dissappointed though. While there were plenty of people with poppies already on coming up and offering to put money in the tin this was the response I got off many people (who hadn't already got them)...
    "Sorry don't believe in it mate"

    Or tunnel vision on there part and moments of deafness.
  8. Not seen iny in all of NW or all of N. I cover the whole area and its been dismal.

    ******* disgrace. However I think it may be something to do with the high level of EU residents in those areas and not those from UK.
  9. Sorry. The world must be at peace then. A big group hug must be in order in Britain.
  10. Lets face it most of the public dont give a toss because the war in A and I doesn't affect them directly. Its shameful. I've been trying to get my work colleagues to wear a poppy, and the only person that will is a female from a muslim background. She doesnt agree with our troops being in Iraq or Afghanistan,but also knows that our troops have no choice where they fight. She bought a poppy because she is saddened by the death and injury suffered and supports our troops receiving better treatment. I owe her one for changing my attitude towards the muslim populous.
  11. Come on fella's would any of you walk about selling poppies.
    on your own. no mates with you, no weapon of choice, no getaway bike/car. no armed response nearby..and possibly being over 60 !!!!
    no didn't think so...........

    All you have to do is read the papers / watch the news, would you be happy if your dad/ grandad went out on his own in certain areas. Anyway I know many who do and lots of credit is due, I wouldn't do it without all of the above...

    could that be the reason why there is a lack of poppy sellers.......
  12. Yes. I'm a lot harder than your average civvy...........................and I've done a sim night.
  13. mmmmmm but are you 60 plus, and can you take on the hoodies in anger.!!!!!! :D :D
  14. Not even 40+ and I'd take on the hoodies with pleasure!
  15. Threaders vm would be the ideal candidate to sell poppies around the East / north London area ....on you own..... :D :D