Lack of Pay

Hello everyone,

I've checked my account this morning and i've not been paid. My statement is on army net but as of yet there is nothing in my account. I'm wondering if its possibly a Nationwide (building society) problem as my girlfriend (not in the forces) has not been paid and is also with Nationwide.

Can some one who is with Nationwide confirm this please?
Looks like a Nationwide problem (the bank not the whole country!!). My civvie wages haven't gone in either, the on line banking shows no transactions for today at all so pay might be in but not just updated on the system.
Ive just heard Nationwide has gone under but it's being kept hush hush to avoid panic. I think you may have a lean january mate, best of luck.
smoother_mover said:
Sorry for stating the obvious, but why don't you phone Nationwide yourself?
I've been on hold to them the last hour or so, just thought i'd see if any one could shed some light on the situation.

That last comment just isn't funny! :(
Just got through to them.

All they said is the system hasn't updated yet so nothing is showing on ATM's Internet or any thing. Try again in a few hours is my only advise.
i think that i am glad that i am with the robbing HSBC n0bbers, at least they are not going to go bust anytime soon.
Happened to me as well with my Nationwide account. No money was paid in according to internet. Will wait a bit and try later.


I have rang Nationwide, if you have an account and can provide proof of regular credit (print out pay statement/account statement). They can pay over the counter a sum of up to £100.

The staff there also have not been paid.

their number is 01793 656789


Good Luck :cry:
Nationwide's BACS servers are offline, and have been since late last night. They are working to try and bring them back up, and may have done so by now.

However, if you're waiting on pay, you may be having a White Lightning NYE :(
spaz said:
If it's any consolation to anyone I have been paid.

Me too :) £1700 in my bank today. Not bad for a weeks work I think you'll agree :)
I am HSBC, nothing received as of now! This is 3 months in a row for me, I am working TA full time and is my only source of income- can only run on savings for so long...
Nothing received here either 762 , and I whacked all my outstanding IPS's in , in a oner as well :(

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