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Lack of OWP

Firstly, apologies for posting a split G1/G4 question in her.

Withot trying to be overly vague, in the near future I will be deploying a small body of men to a couple of locations with no Britfor OWP facilities. To that end I have a couple of questions to try and ward off the blokes ever so more bone q's:

1. Is it still possible to use TACSAT phones in conjunction with paradigm cards for your weekly winge from the wife? My last experience of this was on TELIC 1 and I believe the world's moved on since then.

2. (I know this should probably be in RHQ but I'm trying to avoid a double post) Are there any allowances in lieu of the OWP?

I know I could ask my own headshed but they'd probably end up on here anyway.

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