Lack of Obstacle course instructor

Let me explain my postion. I am a senior cadet with a ccf unit in London, the unit is going down to St Martins Plain camp, however, due to new legislation (which I'm no expert on) we have no qualified instructor for the obstacle course there. I believe this to be one of the most enjoyable parts of the camp and it would be a bit of a blow not to be able to use it.

Therefore, does anyone know where I would be able to get hold of a qualified instructor on short notice for the 15th and 16th of October? If anyone does would they pass me the information so I can in turn pass it to my SSI?

Many thanks.
Christ man! Your staff should be on the phone calling in favours. If they are not, point them in the right direction.
Credit to you kid!
Doing someone elses job,
the courses are available to get qualified, perhaps some of your instructors need a nudge for next time!

I can assure you my SSI is calling round all he can, but I'm pretty certain he's not aware of the magnificant resource of ARRSE. We did have an instructor, but because of these changes in regulations he needed to re-take take the course, however, he couldn't get a course date before the start of the camp.
While not their job, there might be a spare PTI from the RGR at Shorncliffe - worth ringing the gym there. It would have to be a please, please, please though.

A lot of respect to you for bothering.
benwiltsacf said:
Try the Army Youth Team from the capbadge you're attached to. I was at St. Martins Plain in 2006 and the RGBW Youth Team ran the Assault Course.

You will most certainly not find an RGW AYT, try the RIFLES. Remember an individual needs to be a PTI to do the "obstacle course" Assault course qual.


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