Lack of Moral Courage

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CavalryCaptain, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. I flag this article up as an example of the sad state of 'moral courage' in our country.

    BBC News - Man stabbed defending London bus passengers has 'no regrets'

    The Ozzie - hats off to him - on a crowded bus, made a stand when no one else did a thing, not even the driver. It appears that everyone sat and tried to ignore it. The result - he gets stabbed twice (once in the ARRSE)

    The recent Baha Mousa Report highlighted failures due to 'lack of moral courage'

    Many years ago I was faced with a similar incident on a train, with a drunk abusive passenger. At the time I was pretty fit, remonstrated with him over his behaviour towards other passengers and, when he took a swing at me, pinned him to the table. The Conductor - who had done sweet FA up to that point - reluctantly chucked him off at the next station. I made him apologise to the passengers first.

    Is it a sign of the times we have to be shown by Australians where our moral compass should point?

    Please, please tell me that others on this forum have shown 'Moral Courage'. Restore my faith in society.
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  2. If he'd ignored the bloke, he wouldn't have been stabbed.
  3. It's this sort of thoughtful insight that brings me back to Arrse on a daily basis.
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  4. if he'd been carrying a knife of his own he could've stabbed him back.

    poor planning on his part really.
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  5. If the knifer hadn't been born black the incident would not have happened.
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  6. Maybe one for the lawyers?
    If I had been on that bus and yer man attacked me,I could use "reasonable force" to defend myself.
    However what is the situation if I try to defend another passenger.Am I then guilty of assault?
  7. When I saw this thread I thought of you immediately. Has getting filled in by your female relatives on a regular basis sapped all the testosterone in you or were you born a big girl's blouse?
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  8. Yes, however a couple of Grannies would also probably have been too scared to take the bus again.

    Do you not see a connection between allowing this sort of behaviour to go unchecked and the recent 'riots'?
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  9. Those grannies are now mentally scarred, gibbering wrecks because they've just witnessed a bloke being knifed in front of them.

    I wonder if they pissed themselves with fear.............mmmmm.
  10. And yes, if you rely on us for moral guidance, you are fucked.
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  11. grannies pissing themselves doesnt count
  12. Come on, there must be some of you who have taken a stand at sometime (and probably been royally shafted for it).

    Lets hear some inspirational stories.
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Now you've ******* done it !
    Every fantasist and his three-legged dog will be on here now telling of "the time I saw these thugs off !"

    Has that Tesco trolley bloke not pitched yet ?
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  14. I think that an awful lot of people prefer to turn the other cheek either because they're scared of violence against them or of being accused of assault themselves.

    Neither should worry them, they should do what they think is right first and worry about consequences second. In this case the victim merely tried to use persuasion from where he was sat.

    Good on him, I wish there were more like him.
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  15. i beat up a kid who beat up my wee brother, he was 12 but i was about 14 and a foot taller. does this count or is it the opposite?