Lack of mobilisation (for officers)

Is it me, or are there comparatively few officers being mobilised from the TA?

i think this might be true but i know of units unofficially asking for volunteers for watchkeeping posts


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It is true.  For REME, it's almost 300 ORs/a few SNCOs, and 0 Officers, unless they are one of the few in Watchkeeping pools.

It's divisive, bad for Unit morale, coherence and training, and is yet another result of certain Army HQs not being willing to trust people to do their jobs.

Rant off.

See previous rants in various threads here.
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If REME officers come from the  Watchkeepers' Pool, their cap badge does not guarantee their use in the REME world.  Most likely they'll be sitting round the birdtable with the rest of them.
Certain HQs asked for their wkprs - worked with them on several exercises - know the way they work etc. There seems to be a problem with getting the guys out to the HQs within a timescale acceptable to the HQ, so some officers have been stood down, and wegulars drafted in. For the record those chaps were not best pleased.

It is sickening for Officers and Seniors not to be called, but the TA is there to support the Regular Army, and if the Regs have got lots of officers but not so many soldiers then it's the soldiers they will call upon.

Must go and polish my bucket and spade as I will going to the beach myself shortly
Ruperts you may all get your chance to be called up. I hear the MOD is short of casualty notification officers.
Cos the press are now 247 you may find yourselves working a late night shift pattern

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