Lack of coverage of Afghanistan conflict

Yet again today’s news covers no stories about Afghanistan, they have been leading with this story about the cricket umpire. Recently we have been focused on the Israelis.

There are some large engagements/battles happening daily in Afghanistan with no mention on the nightly news.

Are the press being excluded/controlled away from Helmand or is there a lack of interest from the UK press?

I notice the footage and pics taken by the Paras themselves soon stopped.


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The British forces in Afghanistan are doing a good job and not fcuking around with prisoners or killing locals without good cause. They are out there being effective and doing what British Troops do better than any others in the world. Whats new(s) about that?

Now... I am willing to be the price of a set of Arrse golf balls that if the troops did fubar, then the press would be all over them like a rash.
In a way although their isnt the appreciation of the ferocity of the fighting, Is it not better that no news is good news.

The soldiers arent having amnesty international demand inquests into why soldiers are shooting so many taliban, which has happened before!
Yeah, I see the journalists fecking off as a good thing. If the journalists stay away, maybe they'll actually be able to make some progress.
In the one year of A level Media Studies I managed to study (I know, I know but someone has to do the bloody course) one of the things I was taught about news reporting is that the only thing that makes astory newsworthy is if there are reporters or footage of the incident.

So, no combat footage, no reporters out there with the boys (like Catherine of the Times) means that we get a few lines on the web, trite pieces by Bollaux in Kabul (having flown there that afternoon and who would be leaving as soon afterwards as possible) and the occasional insight by better reporters like John Simpson.

It stinks, but unless the Forces start paying for their own reporters a la our american cousins then we are stuck with it

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